Paying attention to your mental health equals attention to your mind and what it consumes and vice Versa. It also means that you get to stay sane and sound-minded, above all, live a little longer than usual. In our society today, a lot of have learned the habit of not speaking up about their mental health struggles due to the stigma attached to it.

In case you’re wondering why it is that important, we have narrowed down 5 reasons you need to keep your mental health in check below.

A Better Quality Life

  1. Stress is inevitable in our day-to-day lives, but we must learn to manage it. If we lose this control, it can turn into chronic stress and ultimately, contribute to migraines, fatigue, muscle tension, and even worse, heart attacks.
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Healthy Relationships

2. The way you treat yourself is reflective of the type of people and relationships you attract. Discipline doesn’t only apply to how hard you work in the gym or at work. Discipline is essential to having healthy relationships. Set limits to what you can and cannot tolerate from a person.


Helps Develop a Stronger Work Ethic and Stability

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3. A 2012 study conducted by the World Health Organization shows that roughly 200 million workdays are lost each year because of depression, and five out of those ten leading causes of disability are related to mental health. Unfortunately, this means that individuals with untreated mental health issues have the possibility of facing economic hardship.

Leads To Better Physical Health

4. The endurance you put your body through, the sweat that you break, the food you consume – this plays an important role on your insides, your brain. Think about how great you feel after working out for 60 minutes or how rejuvenated you feel after getting a good night’s sleep. Taking care of your body is an awesome way to relieve stress

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Promote Better Performance At Work

5. Mental health issues in the workplace are almost inevitable. The pressure, stress, and demands of some working environments can trigger a mental breakdown even in the most resilient people. This also means that neglecting your mental health can hinder your progress at work, and eventually make you unemployable.

However, being ina good mental state enhances your productivity at work.

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