Is it proper going through your partner’s phone? I bet you just sighed… a very controversial debate it is indeed.

While many dismiss it and consider it wrong, some feel, after all, their spouse’s properties/items are also theirs (as it is said “the two shall become one). So, invariably, going through their partner’s phone, for them, should be like going through your own phone.

Anyways, the bottom line here is that none of these arguments has been able to win since human existence. But for those who choose to, they come out of it with way more than their mouths can tell.

Here are 5 real stories of people’s experience going through their partner’s phone.

P.S: For sake of anonymity, the names used are not their real names.


We went out on a vacation, sort of. Just arrived at this luxurious hotel in one of their finest suites. He stepped out for a while and I just wanted to try something crazy. I picked his phone, went to his Whatsapp and searched the word ‘love’, looking for conversations where he had used it. Got bored and then again typed my name. The shocker happened. I saw conversations of him telling his friends how I am always the one forcing myself on him and frolicking around him, how it is that I am the one loving him in the relationship. Immediately, I got all sweaty and disoriented. When he returned, I just was short of words and stylishly told him I needed to get back to my hostel. That was the last of the relationship.

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Busayo (27years)

I was his side chick, which I was fully aware of but was okay with it. So, there was this one time, he posted photos of him and his main babe on his WhatsApp status. We went together and I decided to check his statuses. Very unfortunately, I began seeing our own mutual friends reposting the picture and giving it all captions like “Beautiful couple” “Best couple” Couple goals”. My body system changed, purged all night and couldn’t just think straight. We later spoke about it and we moved on.


We were in school at the time. I already had my suspicions about her faithfulness. Being a student executive on campus and quite popular, I have had many people tell me before that she cheats on me. This one night she called me to take her to the hospital because she wasn’t feeling too well. On getting there, she told me she didn’t want any tests done on her. I wondered why but she said she just didn’t want it.  I used my influence to get her to see a doctor on time, bypassing the queue and also make sure no test was conducted on her. But while she was with the doctor, I was outside waiting and her phone was with me. Something prompted me to check. Went to her Whatsapp messages and lo and behold, one of the last chats was with her ex-boyfriend. I went through the messages and saw their discussion of how she does not feel too well after an apparent abortion and needed to go to the hospital. About some weeks later, I confronted her and she went berserk about me checking her phone. The relationship ended.

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We were together. He went to take his bath. I checked his WhatsApp messages and saw he has been sexting one babe like that. In short, the last one was him asking for her nudes. Confronted him immediately but he got mad about me checking his phone. He said it was only a friendly chat and justified it with the fact that the girl didn’t send him any picture. Of course, you know the rest is history.

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We were really very serious. Even looking to get married. I was at his place and he went to bathe. Didn’t have any intention of checking his phone but a call kept coming in. I picked it up and saw WhatsApp notifications from the same person. I got a glimpse of something very serious and fishy. Went to the chat and saw that he has been arguing back and forth with the girl to abort a pregnancy for him. I didn’t say anything after he got in. Afterwards, I just ghosted him. Spoke to him recently and told him about it (this is some six years after)

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