5 Nigerian Artistes Their Careers Died A Premature Death

In life, there is time and season for everything, the same applies to the music industry. At a point, these celebrities once were the superstars and artistes people were dying to see and hear but now they are no where to be found. Here is the list of Nigerian musicians their careers died prematurely and are currenlty struggling with life.
1. Idris Abdulkareem: He is one of the musicians that blessed our childhood, with his jam, Idris took a break for a look time and no one knows where he went.
2. Tony Teluila: This is one of the talented musicians back in the days, He also went low and was never heard off again till when he called out wizkid for stealing his song recently.
3. Olu maintain: The Yahooze King has not been sighted or heard of since his last song with Tuface titled Cinderella.
4. Eldee: He is known as one sensational artist way back, he suddenly stopped singing with no one knowing whether he took a break or he was done with music.
5.Durella: He is no doubt one of the musicians blowing the soundwave back then, people can’t help but wonder what went wrong and also where he is at the moment.

Written by Kolesola Bayode


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