Explosions, both natural and man-made, are a very terrible thing to experience. It has caused a lot of people their properties and even their loved ones. Here are 5 deadly explosions in Nigeria.

1.Jesse Pipeline Explosion: This happened On October 18, 1998, occurring in a community called Jesse. which is southeast of Lagos. what caused the blast was not revealed, but some mentioned that it was due to lack of maintenance of the pipeline and a cigarette that caused the explosion that leads to the death of 1,082 deaths and this has been the most deadly in history.

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2. Military deports explosion: this happened on January 27, 2002, at the military deport in Ikeja Lagos killing more than 1000 people. It happened on a Sunday afternoon when a fire broke out from a street market and it spread to a munitions area causing a serious explosion and mostly soldiers and their families lost their lives in the fire.

3. Jos explosion: This happened May 21, 2014, and leaving at least 118 people dead in Jos. This explosion was caused by Boko Haram and carried out by a suicide bomber and it hit several homes, markets, and shops.

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4.Abuja Explosion: This happened on 25 June 2015, killing close to 21 people around the district. The explosion occurred in a shopping complex in Wuse Abuja and this was caused by the Islamic sect Boko Haram. This is one of the deadly explosions that has ever happened in Abuja And it will forever be remembered.

5.Abule Ado Pipeline Explosion: This happened On 15 March 2020, leaving 15 people dead. This explosion close to 50 buildings. The explosion was sparked when a truck hit some gas cylinders at a gas processing plant near a pipeline owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

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