15 Things Ladies Do That Is A Total Turn Off On First Date

Going on a date with some ladies can be a total turnoff for some men. Check out this list of different kinds of ladies that turn men off after the first date.
1. Mouth Odour
These set of ladies most of the time can be so beautiful, but at the slightest moment, they open their mouths the man can be pronounced dead.
2.  Body Odour
These set of women are sisters to the ladies with mouth odour. No matter the number of perfume they use, you would still have to lend them your perfumes before having a date with them so you can stay alive.
3. Take Away Packs Geng
Set awon, ” Please can I take home” these set of ladies can take away anything. They can even take away spoons, fork or even the table if you let them.
4.  Set Awon “I’m The Boss” (Rude To Waiters)
This set of ladies never see any good in anyone, not even the waiters or security.
They have bad mouths and won’t hesitate to abuse anyone that makes a mistake. Just respect yourself around them.
5.   Set Awon ”Meet My Bestie”
These set of ladies would always take their friends along no matter where they go. In fact, their friend would order the whole restaurants and still take home.
6. National Eaters
Do not try this set of ladies. They don’t mind eating you too. They can eat the whole of Nigeria.
This set of people are the ones that say, ” I don’t eat much”.
7. Phone Pressing Geng
This one might die if they don’t press their phones. They are always on their phones, possibly checking Facebook.
8.  Set Awon “Money For Uber”
Men find these set of women as thieves in disguise. When you ask this set of people on a date for the first time,they immediately say” send me money for Uber”
9.  The Talkatives
This set of people don’t mind if they talk about their ascensors.
They don’t mind asking you a question and giving you the answers. At the end of the date they will still send you voice notes.
10. Loud Chewers
These set of ladies would eat and you will hear the sounds of their mouths in the toilet. They chew loudly till you become deaf.
11. ”I am Sexy And I Know It” Geng
This set of people will always want to show you that they are hot. They were extremely revealing clothes.
 Some of them start battling with the dress while on the date.
12. Popular Gingo
These set of ladies know everyone. They even know the manager of the restaurants down to the cleaner.
No matter where they are, they must know someone.
13. ‘Selfia’
The ‘Selfias’ can take pictures in the river, near a goat or even on a bike.
As a man on a date with them just get ready to turn to a photographer.
14. Marlians
These are the real ‘Werey in Disguise’. Marely looking at them you know you are done for it and the date would be a disaster.
15. The Callers
This set of ladies should open business centres. They can receive up to 10 different calls in a row.
They can say excuse me five hundred and sixty six times.

Written by Ejemen Ogbebor


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