15 Signs That You Are Her Money Making Machine Not A Boyfriend

Money has become a prerequisite for some ladies to date men, unlike in the olden days when our parents and grandparents would marry or court a man with little or no money. In short, some of them build together.

This cannot be said of women today, though not all, but a larger per cent of ladies. Ladies are in search of wealthy men to provide for them and their families and to pay their bills when they like

Hence, as a man, you may be confused if your partner is dating you for your money or for who you are.

Find out these 15 facts below that shoes she is probably dating you for money.

1. She Solely Relies On You

If a woman relies on you for all her bills or to solve her problem, there is a probability she sees you as a problem solver and not a companion.

Well, partners help each other when needed, but when it becomes a habit for her to make a request, (my brother check it)

For example, You meet a lady and today she says her phone spoilt last night, or she says her data is exhausted so she can’t call you. At worst, she tells you her birthday is next week. She wants your money, not you.

2. She Demands A lot

A relationship comes with its own demands. However, when a woman makes demanding a thing of a daily bases there is a problem.

It normal for women to demand for more time, attention and communication but demanding for money on regular bases, then, she is trying to establish a bank.

3. She Is Concerned About Your Financial status

It is one thing for a woman to want her man to become a better person. She would put efforts into ensuring a better version of himself.

But when a woman is too concerned of your financial status and goes to the point of comparing you with another guys finance or her exes finance and nags about it, then she ain’t coming for you but your money.

4. She Never Buys You Things

Giving is reciprocal. Giving is not tied to one person. When you are the only one giving in the relationship. There is a problem. She possibly has different guys for different purposes.

5. If She Brings Friends Along

Asking your girlfriend on a date and she comes along with her friends is not just being disrespectful but she has seen you as a spender.

Such a lady is not interested in a long term relationship with you, but interested in making you her long term food plug.

6. If She Does Not Listen To You

When I say listening, it is listening to your worries, your pain, how your day went, how you feel or even your joke. When she bothers less of your worries or jokes, then she might only love to listen to your pocket or laugh at the sound of your debit alerts.

7. She Does Not Encourage You To Invest

Every person’s goal in a relationship is ought to make their partners a better version of themselves, especially when it comes to career, finance and growth in general.

When all she bothers about is spending and not investing, then there is a  problem.

8. If She Suggests Expensive Gifts

When a woman always requests for expensive gifts and not grateful for the minimal things you do, then she loves your money.

9. If She Does Not Caution Your Spending

Women naturally have tendencies to be cautious. When a woman does not caution the way you spend or ask you the source of the kind of money you spend, she is in love with your money and not you.

10. She Feels Entitled

When she feels that what you give to her is not a favour but feels you are mandated to do so, she loves your money.

11. She Is Not Appreciative

when a woman cares less to say thank you or appreciate the little things you do, she won’t still appreciate the big ones either.

If your woman is fond of not appreciating you, then she might not care about who you are but about how much you have.

12.  Check Her Lifestyle

A deep look into your woman’s lifestyle would explain a lot. Not just her attitude towards life and real-life situation but look at how she takes life and her behaviour. This would show if she is in love with your pocket.

13. Check Out What Makes Her Happy

If what makes her excited does not involve precious memories, time, attention or what money cannot buy, but only involves gifts and money then she might be in love with your money.

14. Attempts To Trap You With Pregnancy

This could be dicey, it could depict a sign of desperation to get married. However, when a man is quite wealthy, some women would not mind getting pregnant or becoming a baby mama.

If you were to be poor will the case be the same?

15. Test Her
You can try to test her by giving her the impression that you are broke and see the way she reacts from then.

You can also test her with your debit card to see how much she spends, what she spend it on and why she did.

Written by Ejemen Ogbebor


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