The famous girls of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), are some of the most popular or notorious girls in Africa, but usually not for their educational prowess.

UNILAG girls are some of the naughtiest and sophisticated university girls in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. They are usually never abashed about their runs and aristo businesses and they’re equally popular for doing anything to secure the bag.

The average UNILAG girl will not rest until she makes sure that she cops the latest gadgets in town, especially iPhones or Samsung smartphones. Here are some of the hilarious reactions of Unilag girls to a new iPhone or Samsung phone release;

  1.   OMG! You Mean I Have To Go See Alhaji Big Belly Mad Fucker Again?

This is usually a period of heavy thinking for UNILAG girls. They had to endure Alhaji Mad Fucker’s big belly and harsh fucking to get the iPhone 11, now 12 is already coming out? Oluwa Wetin dey occur?


No rain, ocean or river will stop a UNILAG babe from getting that new smartphone. As long as there’s a will, there’s a way!

  1. Dick Appointment Ready! Send me Your Location

As long as Samsung S20 is assured, you can never stop a UNILAG babe from getting to that Dick Appointment. They are always battle-ready!

  1. When They Find Out The New Neighbour Is A Successful Yahoo Boy

When its time for a new smartphone launch and a UNILAG babe finds out her neighbor is a successful yahoo boy, she’ll start running up and down the house naked.

  1. When A UNILAG Babe Finds Out You Currently Use An iPhone 11 and Plan To Switch To 12

When a UNILAG babe finds out that you currently use an iPhone 11 and plan to switch to iPhone 12 when it’s launched, her yansh will be all up on display for you, no time! She gatto secure the device.

  1. After a UNILAG Babe Secures A Maga To Pay For The New Smartphone

AHHH! Finally!! The road was narrow, tight, and difficult, but now it is wide enough. Pay for that smartphone daddy!

  1. When It’s Just 2 Days To Samsung S20 Launch But Maga Never Pay

Oluwa wetin dey Maga-late? A UNILAG babe at this point will be desperate, she can lie down outside New Hall with her coochie wide open. Even if you’re an antelope as long as you can afford to pay for S20, get in here bop daddy!


This one is Loud O! 12 Rounds for iPhone 12, is it food? Am I a sex toy? Anyway Sha, I have to get this phone before Slim Shady in Block 2, Nna let’s go, I used to be an Olympian.

  1. When A UNILAG Babe Hears There’s A New Baller In Quilox And iPhone 12 is On The Way

When a UNILAG babe hears there’s a new baller in Quilox and iPhone 12 is on the way, the name of the game is “INSERT HERE.” This one is elastic, don’t worry about the rough riding.

  1. When You Tell A UNILAG Babe No Money For iPhone 11

Omo, na that one dey no wan hear o! There’s no money for what? You’re searching for true love? Poverty Kill you dia! Nna, it is past my bedtime, my mother is already calling me.

  1. When They Finally Get The iPhone 12 or Samsung S20

At this point, if you approach a UNILAG babe you’re on your own o because it will be unclear if you’re sleeping with a babe or you’re wandering around that steep and wide valley.

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