You know how Nigerians have calculated expectations of someone based on how that person fits into their world (mentality)? They do the exact same with the Big brother show. I guess it’s just an integral part of man.

Getting on the show, Nigerians already have their expectations of how each housemate would end up right from day one when they are introduced on stage. But over time, some participants have turned the table to disprove the viewers’ theories and kept them in awe.

Who are these persons and in what did they stun Nigerians?

1. Nina: To say the least, Nina got us saying wow, wow, just wow! For every time I was available to watch the show during the Season 3 edition, ‘Double Wahala’  and see Nina still in the house, I was stunned. She was that one person that got me breathing through my mouth and so was it for many other viewers. Nina was bashed and condemned for frolicking around fellow housemate, Miracle and for acting all childish. Nigerians’ judgment for such a person was early eviction. But to the glory of God and to the shame of the theory, Nina broke away from the narrative ending up top five Housemates.

2. Laycon: Nigerians literally have a download of your entire past, present and future just from sizing you up from your looks (don’t ask me how). It was the case for this Season 5 Lockdown edition Housemate, Laycon. From the start of the show when introduced on stage, Laycon made headlines as Nigerians wrote him off completely, concluding to see him leave the following night. Laycon ended up winning the grand prize and has, so far, inked very juicy contracts and endorsements.

3. BamBam & Teddy A: Who gets to have sex on a live show and ends up marrying that fuck buddy? BamBam and Teddy A. These two housemates during the Season 3 edition had a working love affair. They were once caught on camera having sex in the bathroom. Nigerians, being the soothsayers, predicted the love affair was going nowhere after the show. Today, they are married with a kid. That’s how far they broke the jinx.

4. Gedoni and Kaffy: Both were participants of the Season 4 edition. Gedoni and Kaffy are the latest to join the marriage group of BBN. Just like their predecessors, Gedoni and Kaffy were dragged during the show over their love affair. But so many eyes bulged as the new wife broke social media during the 2020 Christmas period with their wedding photos.

5. Mercy: Street-wise Mercy and winner of Season 4 edition was not and is still not considered the brightest of her housemates. Left to Nigerians who think it’s the only book that would take you places, Mercy would be nowhere. But thank God say life no balance.

6. Tacha: With many of her excesses, Tacha, who was Mercy’s top rival, was disqualified. Ordinarily, that was supposed to end her link with fame but hell no! Extraordinary Tacha has got much more close to fame more than most past housemates of the show across all editions owing to that disqualification saga.

7. Erica: Erica followed in the footsteps of her predecessor, Tacha. She was also disqualified but today is one of the most talked-about and trending housemates of all time.

8. Eric: Eric was and remains one of the sexiest males to have ever graced the BBN show. At first sight, many just placed him on the top five contenders list. Did that work out? Ask Big brother what happened two weeks into the show.

9. Lilo: Lilo, who was Eric’s love interest, was that perfect ideal lady to clinch the grand prize like Mercy. She got all from the curves to the But Lilo was on the show in one minute and out the following, being the first to be evicted from the Season 5 edition.

10. Miracle: Miracle was the winner of the Season 3 edition. Till date, I wonder if this past reality star has Nigerian blood flowing in his veins. Little wonder though because he is a full-pledged Igbo man oh. Since after the show, Miracle has miraculously kept away from the public eye. This isn’t the Nigerian way but he pulled it off.

11. Tricky Tee: I can boldly say with my full chest that over 80% of BBN viewers saw Tricky Tee leaving the show on the very first night he was up for eviction. He did not leave oh even after being up more than three times. E shock you?! It was a testimony.

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