10 Weird Things Famous Nigerian Celebrities Do

Famous people are easily the richest ones. As someone who has access to a whole lot of money, you are bound to do some silly things at times. Now, these things are not necessarily wrong, it just means they are unusual and not generally done.
1.Poor Money Decision

Celebrities are funny beings. Sometimes, they wake up with the urge to do the silliest things, like the one time Davido spent 1.3 million Naira on a Mercedez Benz Bicycle.

2. Reckless Spending

Toke Makinwa once revealed that when she is stressed, she goes on a shopping spree and spends on whatever she feels like.

3. Thinking Animals like Bats Will Make Great Pets

Rema once revealed that he would love to own a bat as a pet. Everyone knows how scary bats are, so why would someone want to have one as a pet. Only famous people will.

4. Announcing Amount Spent On Items

Celebrities go on social media, announcing the amount they spend on an item, or at the club. No one wants to know how extravagant you are.

5. Customizing Their Cars In Graffiti Painting 

No sane person will intentionally bathe their cars in Graffiti painting besides the famous ones. For instance, Davido, who has just released his 4th studio album did customize his Bentley.

6. They Intentionally Tweet-fight For C lout

As deadly as the streets of Twitter is, it’s amazing how someone will intentionally go on the platform to engage in a fight, only for the sake of clout.

7. Attacking Club Bouncers

When you get bounced at the entrance of a club, it is best to respect one’s self and leave. I understand that one may feel somewhat disrespected because as a famous person, you feel your presence should amount to something. But would you not rather avoid unnecessary drama?

8. Twerking On The Gram

This applies mostly to female celebrities. Do you not find it weird when female celebrities twerk on the gram. Because they are famous, they get away with such. Logging in on the gram to find a celebrity wiggling her ass in your face is quite weird.

9. Wearing Multiple Jewelry

Wearing a necklace or two is fine, but when it comes to almost strangling yourself by wearing necklaces that weigh a ton, then that something else.

10. Cosmetic Surgeries

All is well and good until they become rich and famous, then they realize some parts of their bodies are not in proper positions. Their asses either becomes too flat or their boobs too small.

Written by Eniola Lasaki

An Associate Writer - "Eniola Lasaki is a graduate of Horticulture, from the federal university of Agriculture Abeokuta. She is an open-minded individual, who never stops to seek knowledge. She has great writing skills and has interests in Entertainment and music."


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