You would agree that Nigerians are generally a special breed of people and from this pool, our politicians, are three times specially wired.

While we bash them daily, we must be very cautious to put a cap to the disrespect because truthfully, this set of people would beat your hands down in certain things any day, anytime.

So, stay reminded that it is a no-no that you defeat a Nigerian politician in these 10 areas

1. Photo-Ops: No matter what you say about them, Nigerian politicians will never, in heaven or on earth or under the earth, disappoint you when it comes to taking pictures. The pose they give even in their nonsense is mad. You can’t beat that.

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2. Lying: Nigerian politicians have made us realize that there are lies and there are lies; lies that would make you question your sanity.

3. Interviews: Most Nigerians can’t save their lives with an interview. But that’s definitely not a politician. I mean, if interviews were tests to heaven, all politicians are making it with flying colours.

4. Blame Game: A Nigerian politician never takes the blame for anything even when all evidence points to it.

5. Full of Drama: How many Nigerians would climb fences just because they were wrongfully locked out of somewhere even if it’s their promised land? Small embarrassment and you suddenly say your life is full of drama. Have you seen drama? Do you know drama? A politician need not talk before they get on the entertainment/drama scene. You should learn from the best really.

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6. Telling History: No one quotes or refers to history better than a Nigerian politician. In short, I’d duff my cap here for all APC members.

7. Writing Books: Every now and then, politicians are publishing. Check out their profiles and you will not be disappointed to see the title ‘author’ even when we don’t know what they are writing about. And you are there bashing such a person. How’s that even close? Mind yourself.

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8. Investigative journalism: All Nigerian politicians are investigators. It’s always so easy for them to dig up dirts on one another. They are always having sources but never able to bring justice.

9. Cry/Give pity face: A Nigerian politician cannot cry or express soberness and you will withhold your forgiveness. It just can’t happen. It’s almost like they receive special training in this department.

10. Praying: Don’t dare them. The way they trust God to solve our problems, even Jesus didn’t get such loyal disciples.

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