10 Nigerian Foods That Can Be Made Without Scarce Gold “Onions”

If you still put onions in your indominnnn, best of luck. Onion, which is supposedly one of the most needed spices in almost every delicacy, has unfortunately become very expensive in the market and with the current economic situation of the country, you certainly don’t want to keep spending your life earnings on each and every meal.

Here are a few suggestions of Nigerian foods you can actually survive eating without onions.

1. Tea & Bread: Bread and tea is one popular food in Nigeria that can really come handy and save the day without the use of onions. You can prepare the tea cold, hot or even lukewarm. Best served for breakfast or supper.

2. Noodles: Although most people require onions when making noodles, it can actually be prepared without it. Nothing much changes in the taste if every other spice is included. Besides, there are brands of noodles with onion spice or flavour.

3. Pap & Custard: This is one very satisfying Nigerian food across all tribe. It is mostly taken in the mornings and certainly, does not require onion. It is, however, complementary to make a complete dish. It can be well accompanied with plantain and bread, which also don’t need onions.

4. Fried Yam: Fried yam needs only your oil, pot, mouth and maybe, salt. It can be eaten with fried eggs or ketchup which also doesn’t require onions.

5. Pancake: Onion can be skipped when making pancakes. It comes out really tasty with enough milk, sugar, egg, and a pinch of salt. Eaten with tea, syrup, egg etc.

6. Coleslaw: For a vegetarian, this is a very good way to go. Just with your cabbage, carrot and salad cream, you will eat well.

7. Toast Bread: Best taken for breakfast, this dish is made with egg, bread, sardine and for some, tomatoes. It can be prepared and highly enjoyed without onions.

8. Garri & Groundnut: This is the best Nigerian meal you can ever have and the good news is “it needs no onions” at all. In short, no major paparazzi but at the end, the satisfaction is heavenly.  Best taken with ice, milk and sugar/honey anytime of the day. 

9. Okra: Okra is usually prepared with seafood assorted, mostly fishes. With this, the soup, even without onions, can come out really tasty. Can be taken with any known Nigerian bolus food.

10. Ogbono: This is yet another Nigerian soup that does not necessarily need onions. If made with dry fish, not meat, it gives very good food orgasm.

You can follow our page for tips on how to make these delicacies.


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