10 Hilarious Yet True Reactions To Davido’s “A Better Time” Album

Sensational singer, Davido released his 4th studio album on the 13th of November and as expected, discussions have arisen on social media in that regard. Below are some of the reactions that have been recorded so far.

1. Those who expected something better
This category of people listened to the album but think it could be better than this.

2. The indifferent ones
They are the set of people who really do not bother if Davido dropped an album or not.

3. The ones who think the hype was more interesting than the song
The savage ones are of the opinion that the album hype was more interesting than the album itself.


— Davido (@davido) November 12, 2020

4. The ones who didn’t listen, trusting every track to be a hit
These are the ones we refer to as the die-hard fans. Their faith in Davido will move mountains.

5. The disappointed ones
These ones who listen to the 17-track album and have concluded they had just wasted 1 precious hour of their lives.

6. The ones who are expecting a pro version
These people here think that Davido has only teased us with this album and are expecting the Real “ABT”.

7. Those who do not care to listen
There are people who pretend like Davido does not exist and they fall directly in this category. They have not bothered to listen to the album.

8. The ones who think some tracks are unnecessary , Some seem to think that Davido could have done without some of these tracks.

9. People Who listened to 3 songs and moved on, The ones did not even bother to go further after listening to track 3

@davido ‘A Better Time’, Track 1 to Track 17.

— Lagos Pikin Reports (@LagosReports) November 16, 2020

10. The ones think Davido should have split the album into 2. This category of people is ready to give their lives for Davido. The think the album was so hot, he could have split into 2, and kept the other for later.

Written by Eniola Lasaki

An Associate Writer - "Eniola Lasaki is a graduate of Horticulture, from the federal university of Agriculture Abeokuta. She is an open-minded individual, who never stops to seek knowledge. She has great writing skills and has interests in Entertainment and music."


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