This is a list that comprises of hilarious myths told by Nigerians for Pregnant Women. One would think Pregnancy in this part of the world is just enjoyment and weird cravings, but as Nigerians, there’s always the mythical part of us. Here are some of the Hilarious myths told by Nigerians about Pregnant Women:

  1. If you eat carrot while you’re pregnant, your child will be fair in complexion 

Here we have it, a perfect solution for a white baby. Think about it!


2. If a pregnant woman crosses over the legs of someone, the child would look like the person whose leg was crossed

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Incase you don’t want your child to look like anyone else but you, here’s your chance

3. If you eat snails during pregnancy, your child will be slow or an Olodo

If you don’t want your child to be slow or an olodo, you might as well follow the myth

4. If a pregnant woman walks under the sun, evil spirit will enter the unborn baby

This actually explains the reason why most people in Nigeria behave the way they do, as the sun hits differently in Nigeria.

5. If a pregnant woman dips her hands in her husbands pocket, the child will come out as a thief

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Its best to say that the Men Association came up with this. But maybe, it could be a way to stop pick-pocketers

6. If a pregnant woman sits in between twins, she will also give birth to twins

Miracles happen in different ways my dear people, no need for ultrasound, just sit in between twins if you need twins too

7. If a pregnant woman scratches her stomach instead of rubbing it, she will develop stretch marks

I guess we have been learning the stretch marks topic wrongly, see what we have discovered, only in Nigeria.

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8. If a pregnant woman keeps having heartburn, it means her child will be hairy

Who would have guessed the reason for a child being hairy?

9. If a woman walks around in the day time without using a safety pin on her dress, the child will be possessed.

We just never knew the true usefulness of safety pin. Indeed keeps children safe from ghosts

10. If a pregnant woman visits someone who just gave birth, her labor will be induced

In other words, passing the Labor baton.

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