10 Highest-Paid Athletes In The World Of Sports Today – Footballers Dominate

Participating in sports has gone beyond normal exercise or hobby, it has since years ago metamorphosed into the financial messiah of so many all across the globe. The level of finance pumped into it has been outrageous and it has continued to be the motivation why some – despite the lack of talent, train themselves to weakness to be able to participate in any part of world sport they desire.

Some of the modern-day athletes around the world today at one point in their lives never believed they will turn out to be millionaires not to talk of becoming billionaires but today their commercial value is beyond description and a dream for many that aspire to witness the call of money.

2019 saw some of these athletes earn a lot from contracts and endorsements and it moved them to positions of money-power in the world of sports.
Till today they still earn a lot and they have proven to be the highest-paid athletes in the world of sports.

Below is a list of 10 of these players. Please read and be informed.

1. Lionel Messi

Sport: Football
Earning: 127 million dollars (45.7 billion naira)
2. Cristiano Ronaldo
Sport: Football
Earning: 109 million dollars (39.2 billion naira)
3. Neymar
Sports: Football
Earning: 105 million dollars (37.8 billion naira)
4. Canelo Alvarez
Sport: Boxing
Earning: 94 million dollars (33.8 billion naira)

5. Roger Federer
Sport: Tennis
Earning: 93.4 million dollars (33 billion naira)
6. Russell Wilson
Sport: American Football
Earning: 89.5 (32.2 billion naira)
7. Aaron Rodgers
Sport: American Football
Earning: 89.3 million dollars (32.1 billion naira)

8. Lebron James
Sport: Basketball
Earning: 89 million dollars (32 billion naira)
9. Stephen Curry
Sport: Basketball
Earning: 78.9 million dollars (28.4 billion naira)
10. Kevin Durant
Sport: Basketball
Earning: 65.4 million dollars (23.5 billion naira)

Written by Eze Goodluck


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