Secondary school punishments were almost inevitable, and if you managed to escape most of them, you must have been considered Jesus favourite. As Teachers and Seniors always enjoyed punishing students. Some of these Punishments are:

1. Pick Pin:
You must have been very lucky not to do this punishment. Where you have to bend over to pick an invisible pin.


2. Riding Bicycle
This has to be one of the most feared amongst the punishments. Your hands and legs would definitely feel the effect of from doing this punishment

3. Plank
If you stayed in boarding school, then you should know what this really means. If you do this once, you’d make all the seniors your friends, just to avoid it again.

4. Bend & Stretch Your hands:
This is regular punishment for most female teachers, you’ll need to rent a new hand if you get to do this for a long time

5. Crawling:
Here’s one of the punishments that you should try not to do. You’ll have to crawl from a distance to another.

6. Kneel down and raise your hands
This is the most common of the punishments but it sure does have a real effect if you do this for a long time.

7. Cutting Grass
This is common with the  Public school students, cutting grass can be very stressful and would definitely destabilize you for the rest of the day.

8. Frog Jump
This Is another punishment that public school students can easily relate to. You can probably be a victim of this when you fail to come to school early, or you fall in the hands of the mean teachers.

9. Beg For Arms
This is definitely a very difficult one, where you have to imitate People who beg for arms

10. Carry the pot/bottle/stone
This punishment comes with different names from different places but is certainly a very hard punishment to deal with.

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