It was gathered that one of the most iconic seaside boardwalks and amusement parks in the entire country is back from its coronavirus pandemic-related layoff.

Coney Island, in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, reopened its doors over the weekend, albeit at one-third capacity.

Coney Island’s amusements shut down in the winter, meaning the park had been closed since late 2019 when the pandemic hit in early 2020. All totaled, it has been 529 days since the public ventured off the boardwalk and onto a ride.

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It’s a very emotional day. We wanted to spread positivity,” Alessandro Zamperla, the president of Central Amusement International Inc., which owns Luna Park, “It’s been very tough, but now is really a day of celebration, a day where we get together and we want to inspire people to come here, to really be able to have fun.”

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