Fitness coach, Sandra Okeke takes to social media to share her body sculpturing workout routine. According to Sandra, this workout targets a number of body parts, especially the chest, back, legs, and booty.

She also added that resistance bands are good at targeting smaller muscles, so you might as well employ them during this routine.

“Today’s workout includes 5 exercises which targets a range of body parts. Chest, back, legs, booty. Resistance bands are a great way to target smaller muscle groups. This routine will help you tone up, get a great bomb full body pump, and sculpt your physique!

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1️⃣Squat rows
(3 Rounds/ 10-15 reps each side)
2️⃣Standing front shoulder raises
(3 Rounds/ 10 reps)
3️⃣Side step lunges
(3 Rounds/ 15-20 reps each)
4️⃣Assisted Chest Fly’s
(3 Rounds/ 20 reps)
5️⃣Kneeling back row
(3 Rounds/ 20 reps)”


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