The Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Prof. Babatunde Salako, has disclosed that  Nigeria might experience the third wave of coronavirus if people continue to disregard the safety protocols also adding that the drop in cases could not be attributed to vaccination.

The professor of virology, Oyewole Tomori, stated that he did not believe that the vaccination exercise had anything to do with low cases of COVID-19 being recorded in Nigeria so far.

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Speaking to one of our correspondents, Salako said, “It (the drop) just coincided with the period of the vaccination exercise; the low positive cases we are experiencing couldn’t have been a result of that.

“Just as the first wave went up and came down, the second wave is experiencing a similar decline. However, if we are not careful, a third wave will start. It’s natural; when cases drop, people stop observing the non-pharmaceutical interventions, but once they see that it’s going up or people are dying, they would keep to it again.

“This may continue until we are able to vaccinate a significant number of people.”

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