To add to being banned from the Capital One Arena, the fan could face criminal charges, according to a statement from Monumental Sports & Entertainment, the company that owns the Wizards and the building.

“During this evening’s game, a fan was apprehended by Capital One Arena Special Police after attempting to breach the court,” said the statement, posted on social media. “He will be banned from the arena and charges are being pursued with DC MPD.”

Although the Eyewitnesses at the game said the fan breached security, jumped and slapped a backboard while the 76ers and Wizards were at the other end of the court. While a security guard tackled the fan to the ground, possession changed hands and both teams started heading in the fan’s direction.

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However, Sixers center Dwight Howard was seen standing over the fan and speaking to him for a few moments. It marks the latest in a string of incidents between NBA fans and players since the start of the postseason and an overall return to full or mostly-full capacity in most arenas.

Similarly, A Boston Celtics fan was arrested and banned from TD Garden after throwing a water bottle at Kyrie Irving after Sunday night’s game against the Brooklyn Nets. The fan has since been charged with felony assault and battery.

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