As the world marks the one-year anniversary of Floyd’s murder, Mercedes Champion Lewis Hamilton, has posted his own reflections on the events of the past year.

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion has been a leading voice in calling for an end to racial injustice and for the creation of a more inclusive society.

Driving the debate within his own industry to ensure lasting change, the Mercedes driver Hamilton, last year set up his own research project, “The Hamilton Commission, to understand the barriers to entry to motorsport from under-represented backgrounds”.

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On his social media channels on Tuesday, Hamilton posted: Asking “how can we achieve real justice for him, the many lives stolen before and after his”, Hamilton said work to drive lasting change would continue in the memory of Floyd.

We never forget. We continue our work,” said Hamilton. “We believe in a world where children like George’s don’t have to worry about whether their dad will come home at night.

“Where every black person can walk down the street with the belief that this world was made for them. We work to build an equal world for George, for his children, and for all the other victims of racism. Rest in peace, George Floyd. Your time here was cut far too short. Your legacy will last forever.”

Meanwhile, Speaking to Sky Sports F1 at the Monaco GP, Hamilton said his Commission was now in the closing stages of its research before presenting its findings and recommendations.

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“I’m really excited,” said Hamilton. “It’s just coming to the closing end of the research. I just had one of the last calls with the Commission last week.”

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