The Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry, is pleased with his decision to quit social media in March “created a wave”, resulting in the wider sporting community boycotting the platforms over the past weekend.

The former Arsenal striker praised the show of unity and said, “if you’re alone those companies don’t care about individuals”, as he called for an end to anonymity on social media platforms.

“It’s a start because people talked about it,” Henry told Sky Sports on Monday Night Football. “I’m still off it by the way.

“At the end of the day, if I stayed on it and talked about it on it, I don’t think people would have wanted to talk to me about it. So I came off it, a lot of people came to talk to me about it, I talked about it, and it created a wave.

“I’m more than happy that people realized what’s at stake not only in football, not only because of racism, because of bullying, harassment and how you can get abused on there.

“I think we all have kids, you don’t want to see that [happen to them]. My daughter is going through it, a lot of people here I’m sure watching are trying to see what the situation can be. Can it be regulated?

“A friend of mine was doing some live exercise on it and the music in the background stopped the video because he didn’t own the rights to the music. If you can manage to do that, surely with an NHS number – maybe passport can be difficult because not everybody has a passport – but we need to know who is behind those accounts.

“When I saw the reaction personally of football – that was amazing. And the reaction of everybody not only football because it seems like in the past few days everybody came to support it. I was really happy about it, I always mentioned the strength of the pack.”

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