Nupe is a region of Niger and Benue valley in the country’s middle belt. However, some people say that the early people created the tribe where they are present, while others say the tribe was a direction of ancient Egypt. It is said that the founder of the Nupe tribe is Tsoede. Most of them are literally Muslims, while just a few tuned out to be Christians. The Nupe kingdom consists of the Igala, the northerners, and the Tapa, who are also the Yoruba people.

The Nupe are occupying around almost 6,950 square miles of lowland in the Niger Basin. They are scattered all around different states in west-central and northern Nigeria, but most of them can be found in Niger State. While some also live in Kwara and Kogi states as well as in the Federal Capital Territory. Their major cities include Bida, Minna, Agaie, Lapai, Mokwa, Jebba, Lafiagi, and Pategi. The Nupe people are known to have several rulers in different villages.


The kingdom was separated into various subgroups, including Batau, Kyedye, Eghagi, Ebe, and Benu, and others that speak related languages. There are close to about 3.5 million Nupe people in Niger State. The Nupe tribe language is also spoken in various states in the county, especially Kwara and the Kogi States. Back in the day, they often have tribal marks all over their faces to identify them and their family. Still, as things began to change, the case was different, and the tradition was gradually abandoned. The Nupe people are well known for their art and skills, especially caving patten on woods and surface. The tribe welcomes polygamous marriages from young to older ones in the community.

The priest is known as Gunnuko (Great gunnu) or, more specifically, Ndazo, “the rare man.” In Jebba, the Ejuko is the keeper of the bloodline of Tsoede. However, it is said that the significance of these rituals has not guided them from the impact of cultural changes because things are evolving day by day. After Islamization, these activities were sidelined, and they are said to be Satanic schemes.

The Nupe people are mostly farmers, and they feed on their crops are millet, guinea-corn, yams, rice, and groundnuts farm. Cattle rearing is engaged in by the Bororo Fulani, who move their herds from one pasture to another as necessity dictates.

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