Makoko Was founded in the 19th century by some people in the Egun community after they were said to be running out of space, creating another life for themselves after they moved onto the water. Makoko is a neighbouring village in Iwaya on the waterfront.

Makoko is known as the Venice of Africa, the community is located on the edge of the Atlantic ocean and it is also known as the biggest town with commercial and industrial centres. It is very close to the third mainland bridge with most of the houses are old and made of woods. According to research 150,000 to 250,000 people live in Makoko.

The only source of livelihood they have is their fishing business, which is their main source of income in the community. The houses they built on the water are made of hardwood with the support of a wood slit in the waterbed. However, in the Makoko community canoes are not only for transportation, they also use them in advertising their goods and services from one household to another.

The community has no basic infrastructure as the Lagos state government has refused to attend to their needs and for many years they have been battling with no power supply, bad water, a bad health care system, and many more. It can be very difficult for the fishermen sometimes because the water is oil and it’s no longer good for fishing. Makoko has a church and a floating school where the children in the community go inside various canoes, over the past years education has not been a thing for the people of Makoko, they have always been introducing their children into the fishing business but now things are starting to change as there is a new development of the floating school. The community also have a big market where all kind of seafood is sold at a very cheap amount of money.

Around  2012 the people in Makoko were all told to vacate the community due to environmental hazard and the waste was constantly being dropped in the water the Lagos state government introduced a demolition exercise on the community. Several families became stranded because they had nowhere to go, the people fought themselves back and remain on the water to date. Meanwhile, the slum is situated and very close to the third mainland bridge and it was like a dent to Lagos state government.




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