What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD has continued to gain immense mainstream traction since the discovery of its other benefits especially in the areas of alternative medicine.

It has since been used very widely as an alternative to the traditional drugs from the simplest natural pain relief drugs to the more complicated anti-depressants and many others.

Unknown to a lot of people, CBD is just one out of over a hundred chemical compounds that make up the cannabis plant.

This makes it somewhat close to the more mainstream tetrahydrocannabidiol or THC which is one of the world’s most popular gateway drug.
In direct contrast to the THC, CBD does not get you high in any way, but is known to be very effective as a muscle recovery supplement, arthritis pain treatment, anxiety treatment, natural pain reliever and in many other capacities.
The conversation about CBD has much recently deepened to involve health issues in other industries such as sports. This is as a result of the viability of CBD dosage recommendations for pain, which is in turn a real conversation in the sports industry.


ATHLETICS & CBD; An Interesting Romance.

Pain relief is one common denominator between Cannabidiol and Athletes. In recent times, numerous athletes have come out to openly support the complete usage of CBD as a natural pain relief medicine for athletes who have to deal with pain one or more ways.

Top athletes have come out openly to declare their support for the free usage of CBD products in the capacities of natural pain relief medicines. Many athletes have come out recently to admit that they’ve had to use CBD at one point in the order in the course of their career but they usually had to stay quiet about it to avoid suspension sentences and irrefutable damages to their careers.

In the least, they were all very certain that CBD is a lasting solution to the pain they all feel after a good day’s training, a better alternative to the opioid-based traditional painkillers which were very detrimental to their overall health but are considered legal by the authorities.

Who are Some of these Athletes?


Liz Carmouche, a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter at the Ultimate Fighting Championship has since openly professed her love for the use of CBD oils and creams. She makes use of the CBD products to heal as fast as possible and train much harder.

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Carmouche applies the CBD oils and creams after each intense work-out session to help relieve the pain and help her relax better and she is baffled that anyone will not subscribe to taking such products with no known side effects.


The Diaz Brothers are very public cannabis users, they have been for a very long time and do not seem to be losing interest in the product even after many close calls to ban that it’s brought them.

The Diaz Brothers earned some fame from their enduring interest in the cannabis plant after they were featured in the Rolling Stone’s 2017 list of “The Biggest Stoners in Sports,” a list which also put them at crosshairs with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

The two brothers, Nick and Nate, have over the years used their influence to fight against the social stigma against the cannabis plant and its use. Their support for the CBD industry is most felt in their GameUp, a CBD-infused plant based super nutrition company.


Nate Jackson is another athlete who has recently showed open support for the use of Cannabidiol as an alternative to traditional medicine. Jackson played as a tight-end for about seven years in the NFL and by 2007, he had stopped using the opioid-based medications that he was prescribed for an injury to the bone and was medicating with CBD products only.

Nate Jackson says that he experienced no known side effects while using CBD as medication for his injury, instead he was healing faster, and there was no pain or inflammation associated with using the CBD. Although he couldn’t very well disclose this to the doctors, in order not to do damage to his career.

Nate Jackson now openly supports the use of cannabis for athletes as a natural pain relief and medication for other conditions and their tremendous benefits on athletes who use them.


What are the Upsides of Using CBD for Athletic Recovery?

In the last decade, CBD has become very popular in the sports industry, with many athletes now coming to the realization that it is a healthier alternative to the opioid-based medications that traditional medicine has to offer. CBD has offered the best option to athletes who are tired of pain relievers that their long term use will have a hazardous effect on your body.

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The strenuous physical exertion by athletes takes a huge toll on your body in many ways and they require you to explore ways to heal faster and relax better before your body has to go through the strenuous routine all over again.

Here are some upsides to using CBD products for your recovery as an athlete:

1. Pain Relief

One of the most popular uses of CBD products is as a natural pain relief, a better alternative to traditional painkillers.

CBD is an analgesic and this makes it perfect as an option for recovery as an athlete. Many athletes now use it in pain management after an intense workout. It helps to manage the pain an athlete feels to their joints, muscles and other parts of the body.

  1. Relaxation and Ease of Sleep

Many athletes over the years have openly declared that the use of CBD products have helped them relax and sleep better after their usually intense workout sessions. Getting enough quality sleep is very essential for an athlete, as your body system repairs itself faster when you sleep, helping you bounce back on your feet as soon as possible.

  1. Increase your Appetite

CBD products are known to help you increase your appetite in a healthy way. As an athlete, your intense workout session means you need to keep your metabolism as high as ever.

CBD products will help you keep your appetite sharp and you will be able to eat better and hence, live a healthier life.

  1. Reduction of Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are very common in your athletic career, and this is as a result of damages to your nerve, muscle sprains and other downsides to your intense workout sessions.

Using CBD products, especially CBD oils immediately after workout sessions will help you reduce the risk of muscle spasms as your body is able to heal much faster as a result of the antispasmodic properties of Cannabidiol.

  1. Prevention of Cardio-Vascular Diseases

In the last few years, CBD has been the subject of a research into ways of providing therapeutic solutions to cardio-vascular diseases. CBD is up for this conversation because of its ability to lower the blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the body, a property which you may very well need as an athlete.

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Given the successes that have been experienced in the CBD industry, I think it’s safe to anticipate a ground-breaking discovery is around the corner.

How can you Introduce CBD Products into your Regimen? 

Introducing CBD products including creams and oils is a very beneficial decision for your career and overall well-being as an athlete. CBD products are known to have tremendous effects on athletes who use them and you can turn your life around today with this impressive product.

As an athlete, it is crucial to understand that there are various ways to use CBD products, some of them include but are not limited to smoking, vaping, creams, oils and edibles.


CBD Products & Resources you should Look into Today as an Athlete.  


CBD Tincture

Another very common CBD product perfect for athletes, especially beginners is a CBD Tincture.

A CBD tincture is a concentrated form of liquid CBD which can be taken conveniently by the user in minimal doses as is prescribed. The upside is using these CBD in excess doses will not get you high or drowsy but this of course doesn’t mean we encourage excess usage of CBD products.

A CBD tincture can be used in many ways, and it is a blend of CBD oils, flavors and sometimes even honey. You can use your CBD tincture by taking it sublingually with a drop or two under your tongue or as supplements by adding a few drops to your food.

CBD Protein Bar

A CBD protein bar is also essential if you’re going to add CBD into your regimen. You can easily eat a CBD protein bar before, during and after your intense workout sessions.

A CBD-infused protein bar will help you keep your energy up throughout your workout sessions and after.

The products listed above are just some amazing CBD products that will help you change your career pace as an athlete and help you smash your goals easily.

If you’re an athlete and on the road to recovery, then it is time to consider switching to CBD products.






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