Customer Service Officer

The subject of this content is a Customer Service Officer In Lagos in a telecommunication company. She talks about how Lagos’s stress affects her and how she can’t leave the job because she needs a sustainable income source.

5:00am to 8:00am:

I always wake up every day by 5:00 am. Most times, I would rush my prayers, or I don’t even pray at all. God understands this part. I have my bath and rush out of the house. I don’t even wear makeup because everywhere is always dark when I leave home. So technically, nobody is looking at me. Sometimes, I make the stew the previous night and boil rice for work. Other times, I don’t cook because I’m always tired. Thank God, I’m not even married, so I don’t have to cook for any husband. It takes about one hour to get to my office because I always board the staff bus at the bus stop close to my house. But if I miss the staff bus, that means I have to spend more time in traffic.

Once at work, I try to quickly eat then join my colleagues for our daily pep talk. It’s usually the same boring routine. But the good part is that you get to see all the fine boys in the office at once. Our supervisor points out previous errors in our responses to customers and addresses other issues. I respond to customers on social media, and those Twitter customers could be so annoying.

8:00 am to 12noon:

There’s no job without its own challenges. From when I resume to my closing time, it’s always as if I can’t breathe because customers keep sending complaints and enquiries. Immediately you resolve a customer’s challenge; another one is already tweeting again. Some customers could be so funny. Even after resolving their issues, they would still message you again, and then you begin to wonder why they can’t comprehend simple English.

Because of the long hours spent sitting to type, my back aches and I have to massage it almost every day. But do I have any choice? My father is late, and I have a mother and two siblings to cater to. My side hustle doesn’t bring in constant money, so I can’t rely on it.

But I enjoy providing solutions to customers’ problems. Some of them are very appreciative when you help them out.

Coupled with lots of mails, I have to escalate cases that are beyond me to my supervisor. And I have to make sure our customers are happy. If not, I could lose my job. But customers don’t know all these things when they rant. Some would even talk to me as if I were their house help. A customer once told me that I don’t have a father; that was why I didn’t address him properly.

Once it’s 11:45 am, I start looking forward to my break time by 12noon.

12:30pm to 5:00pm

Once I return to work after my break, my desktop starts beaming with enquiries. These customers won’t even allow someone to rest. I once forgot to call a customer after resolving his challenge. My supervisor took it up with me, and it was as if the ground should swallow me. Who shouts at a girl that doesn’t have a father anymore?

I remember when I made a mistake on the customer’s account, and the company deducted my salary. The salary wasn’t enough for my family and me, and they’re still deducting from it. Since then, I’ve always been cautious with customers’ accounts. If I don’t understand the challenge, I will escalate to my team lead and supervisor.

There are days when we don’t get lots of enquiries and complaints from customers. It’s usually relieving. So I use that opportunity to take online courses to develop myself.

Work closes by 5 pm, and if you’re not very fast, the staff bus going to your route might get filled up before you get downstairs. So I would have packed my bag by 4:30 pm. Once it’s 5:00 pm, I quickly log out and run downstairs. I don’t even wait for the elevator sometimes because other people are trying to catch up with the bus too.

There’s no day I don’t feel tired when I get back from work. Most times, I get home around 6:30 pm because of traffic. I take a bath and sleep off. Many people complain that I don’t respond to my WhatsApp messages on time, but I’m afraid I have to disagree that it’s my fault. Imagine if I had a serious relationship, we would just be fighting every day. Being A Customer Service Officer In Lagos is tough, but I have to earn a living.

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