Don Jazzy’s interview with Bounce Radio, hosted by Ebuka has been making the rounds on all social media platforms and we are in awe of how much information he put out there concerning himself, his career, and his brand.

Below is a couple of takeaways from his interview.

  1. Don Jazzy never felt pressured to put his house out there. As a matter of fact, he had been living in the house for over 2 months but decided to share the news on social media, after he saw a couple of people perambulating the house with cameras. He knew that this would lead to rumors all over the place and did not want that to happen.


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2. He grew up in a very humble background back in Ajegunle and has always been musically inclined. His parents and siblings are also musically inclined.

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Don Jazzy was in the choir and was extremely talented when it came to playing instruments. He was so much into music that he began to skip classes, and by the time he was in SS2, he was failing on purpose because all he wanted to do was music.

3. He was rejected by many girls back in secondary school because some of them perceived him as ‘ugly’. They didn’t outrightly put it to him, but he often got dirty looks from girls. This made him go through secondary school without a girlfriend. On top of all these, he lacked self-confidence at the time.

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4. He was once a victim of racism, back in the United Kingdom, when he worked as a security guard. While on duty on one faithful day, he suddenly started to get stoned with stones and eggs, and when he got tired, he quit the job. He worked there for about 2 months.

5. He did not realize that he wanted to be “Don Jazzy” until he was 23 years old, although it had always been his nickname.

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