Whether Lagos is your state of origin or you relocated from your village, you are familiar with the intrigues that make life interesting in the state that never sleeps.

As a Lagosian, people living in other states would describe you as adventurous, energetic, life of the party and ambitious.

Whether the bubbling lifestyle in Lagos rubs off on you or not, here are some things you’ll definitely relate with as a Lagosian.

  1. Customized traffic

People living in Ibadan don’t know that their own traffic is still learning work from Lagos’ own. You always have to leave home two hours earlier. The later you leave home, the bigger the traffic. Good part is that you can use traffic as excuse. Nobody will doubt you because everyone knows Lagos is chaotic.

  1. Rent is extremely high

Lagos property owners behave like the stepmother in the Cinderella story. They can build a cubicle that can’t contain your mattress and bags yet they’ll tag it N1m. Despite this, Lagosians have refused to leave the state. They’ll rather pay high rent and make more money.

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  1. Your money lives in Lagos

If you earn so much, you’ll end up spending it in Lagos. From rent to electricity bill to transport fare and expensive food, the cycle never ends. The more you make money, the more you spend in Lagos. A poor Lagosian would be regarded as a rich person in places like Osun State.

  1. Assurance of buses and taxis

Whether you’re’ on the road by 11pm or 5am, you’ll always get a bus or taxi to your destination. Unless it rains or there’s fuel scarcity, commercial drivers don’t sleep in Lagos.

  1. You barely cook

How will you cook when you have to leave home 5am? If not for Bukas and online food delivery, many Lagosians would have been starved. You’re always in a rush to do everything.

  1. Saturdays are for Owambe

Lagos is the home of events. There’s no Saturday without an event. If your colleague doesn’t get married, your church member would open a new business outlet. There’s always an event to attend despite not resting from Monday till Friday.

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  1. Higher Tfare without notice

You could budget N500 as your transport fare and get to the bus stop to hear that the bus is now N800. Lagos is that crazy. Then you’ll begin to wonder if Governor Sanwo-Olu increased the length of roads. However, if you have enough energy to influence others not to board the bus, the conductor will definitely reduce the price. Just “change it” for the conductor. If he shouts, you too shout. You must not be slow in Lagos.

  1. Lagos Bukas cook better than fanciful restaurants

Let’s just break this table at once. You must have visited a luxurious restaurant where you ate a plate of basmati rice with chicken sauce for N20,000 but still didn’t feel any satisfaction. You begin to wonder why you paid that much for a tasteless meal. The good part is they have AC and played good music for you and space to take nice pictures for the gram.

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  1. Crossing under a pedestrian bridge

It’s safe to say Lagosians have coconut head. They’ll see a pedestrian bridge and still cross the road. If a car mistakenly hits someone, passersby will still gather to insult the driver. A little advise though – try your crossing skill at 7up bus stop on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

10. You wake early and sleep late

As a Lagosian living on the mainland, you’re used to waking up as early as 4:30am to prepare for 8am job on the island. Despite that, you’ll still sleep late. It’s not uncommon to see half of the passengers in a commercial bus sleeping.






































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