Lagos is a crazy city. Many things are in disorder and driving is one of those things. Whether you attended a driving school or your sister-in-law taught you how to drive, here are the five times you’ll regret driving in Lagos.

  1. When it rains

Normally, Lagos is full of traffic. But when it rains, it becomes terrible. Best bet is to stay back in your office for two extra hours.

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  1. When the government is repairing roads

Lagos has terrible roads already but when the government decides to close a lane or completely close the road, you’ll definitely regret driving in Lagos.

  1. When VIO/LASTMA officers decide to be serious

Have you ever experienced traffic and later discovered that the traffic officers caused it? You’ll really wish you didn’t drive that day.

  1. When there’s a curfew
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There’s a 6pm curfew and you’re still stuck in traffic on the Third Mainland Bridge at 5:30pm. Just pray, you don’t develop high BP. That’s if a policeman doesn’t arrest you before you get home.

  1. When big churches are having major programmes

You must always set reminders for church programmes. Once you forget, it’s either you don’t leave home at all or you sleep in traffic.

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