Nigerians are wonderful human beings. But some situations would likely reveal their true nature. You only need to ignite a situation to fully explore what Nigerians are capable of doing.

Here are situations that would likely reveal the true nature of Nigerians.

  1. When you lose your parents

You’re lucky if your parents are still alive. Once your parents are gone, your family members would reveal their true character – whether negative or positive. If it’s even your father that passed away, just make sure you have access to his will or properties.

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2. When conductor refuse to hand over your balance

Nigerian bus conductors are a special breed of people. They would deliberately make you forget your balance. But most Nigerians would unleash their shouting or dragging skills immediately.

3. When you get pregnant out of wedlock

Considering the fact that most parents gave birth to their children out of wedlock and lived as a couple without getting married officially, it’s surprising to see their reactions when young adults get pregnant out of wedlock.

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4. When your friend refuses to return a loan

As a rule of thumb, don’t lend any money you’re not willing to forfeit. Nigerians can go to any length to retrieve their loan while the borrower would feign anger.

5. When you bash their cars

Car owners contribute to the traffic in Nigeria. If you want to know a typical Nigerian’s character, just bash his car on Third mainland bridge by 6am. God knows you wont leave until you pay for the damage.

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6. When banks debit you wrongly

Nigerians don’t joke with their money. They don’t mind dragging the bank on Twitter until the bank corrects the error in their account balance.

7. What you ordered vs what you received

If you want to see pure anger and rage, just make sure the quality of what a Nigerian ordered is lower than the picture you displayed. Just pray your brand survives the backlash.


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