Death is indeed inevitable, but as much of a reality as it, no one is ever ready for the eventuality. But have you ever had an experience so close to death, that it felt like you saw your life flash before your very eyes? I bet the experience is a life-changing one; one that makes you reflect on your entire existence, wondering if this is all there is to life – Vanity.

Below are stories shared by 4 people, who have been close to death, not once, but on several occasions.

Aliyah, 27

I fell flat on a busy road with a motorcycle onto me around past 7 on the 15th July 2015…I remember it was an Eid-il fitr celebration.
My friends came to visit me for the festival then we decided to visit other childhood friends of ours too. We ate, took pictures, gisted about childhood growth, life and some girl talks yunno
So it was time to go home, I decide not to take a longer route home rather I’ll take a motorcycle in order to alight in from of the junction then exercise my legs home.

Two of my girls, already boarded a bike because their place is farther than mine, it was my turn and I successfully boarded the bike, the girls bade me goodbye and one said “safe journey o”…we were like when it’s not like she’s traveling “…Little did I know that the statement was important.

Not up to 5mins of Onboarding the bike, the motorcyclist was asking about the fee and I instructed him to please face front that I will pay him as if I knew…
The next thing I saw was a flash then I found myself on the road head out, leg underneath the bike and the bike man already jumped off to save himself…I kept screaming “Oga carry your bike off my leg now “

I couldn’t cry or scream or laugh but at that very point, I felt nothing.

All that was in my mind was “there is a very tiny line between life and death

Oh, I forgot to mention that while on the bike with bike man, my mum was calling to ask about my whereabouts, I didn’t answer the phone and the next I saw was that my phone has scattered on the road, I had to couple it back myself.


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Adedeoyin, 35

My 1st near-death experience was after Uni. I was staying outside school, and a friend of mine took me out to the Island. On our way back, it was raining heavily and my friend would not stop speeding.

Suddenly, our car turned to block the road. I could not stop screaming, Blood of Jesus!!!. I was so scared and out of nowhere, the car normalized. We had to step out of the car to say a word of prayer before continuing the journey home.


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Oluwatimilehin, 30

26th of April, 2016, I had my first near-death experience. I was on a bike with a friend and we were out to get stuff for the house. Suddenly, our bike was faced with another bike directly opposite us, which had a trailer right beside it.

They were both on top speed, and there was no other option than collide into each other, which we did. The bike man and his passenger died on the spot, then myself, my friend and the bike guy were unconscious on the floor for about 15-20 minutes. All I could hear were the blaring of car horns and people talking around me.

The bike man had broken his leg and we were all rushed to the hospital. We had sustained very deep flesh wounds, but all they could do at the hospital was to put some iodine and plaster it up and we were asked to leave. My toes were stitched up, but on my way home, the stitches pulled out. 

I was home-bound for about 2 weeks and couldn’t walk. When I recovered a bit, my friend and I decided to go and check on the bike man but we found out he had died.


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Nike, 23

I was on my way from the Nepa office and decided to board a bike to the next junction, so I could pick a bus home. I stopped a bike that already had a passager, leaving me the option of sitting at the back. All was well and good until we got to this junction, which would usually be traffic-filled, but for no reason, it was as free as Freetown. 

In a twinkle of an eye, the bike I was on was trying to find its way in a rush and I found myself on the other side of the road, landing right before oncoming vehicles.

My eyes jolted open to the sight of tires approaching me. It was then my instincts kicked in and I hurried up. If I had wasted about 2 seconds before getting up, the car would have squshed my head to smithereens.

I stood up to find people around me starring at me as they had just seen a ghost. They could not understand how I was still alive. The next day, I could not move my body and was in serious pain, I had to be taken to the hospital.

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