Jealousy is something that has always existed since the beginning of time, it begins when one is born into the world. Often times when we talk about jealousy we talk about insecurity, strife, envy, bitterness, and obsessive caring. It happens when you want something that belongs to someone else so badly and this can lead to so many negative thoughts and acts.

3 people have come together to share their personal experience about jealousy

Vannesa, 29

While I was in the university I had this guy who I was into and I found my way to get to him and we found ourselves in a friend with benefits situation. Things were going on fine between the both of us till he started seeing a girl. I confronted him about it and he denied it, saying she was just a classmate who needed help academically and as per the mumu I fell for it. My friends also came to me telling me they saw my guy holding hands with this same girl he called his Classmate, I said nothing. I texted him that we needed to see that night and talk. Then after seeing, we spoke extensively and came to an agreement that no other party and no side attention while we are still doing stuff, only if we ended things. Weeks after everything went back to normal, we became closer and I started developing feelings for him which I knew that’s not in our agreement. Still, I thought to myself that he might feel the way about me.

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On one sunny afternoon, I got a call from this guy telling me that he is horny and that he feels like having sex with me. I wore my cloth and went to the location he was, we had a quicky in the toilet and after he told me that day was the last time we will see because he is in a serious relationship now and he would not want to hurt his girlfriend by still doing stuff with me, I was mad, furious, angry and asked him who the babe was and he told me that his classmate that I had been suspecting. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. He was still trying to console me by telling me how wonderful I was. I went back to my room, deleted, and blocked his number everywhere. I was hurt but I could not show it and could not tell my friends because they will blame me. Weeks later everywhere I go I see them; at the cafeteria, library, gym, church, even in my dreams. People started asking me what was wrong and why he went for that ugly girl and not me, telling me we looked perfect together. I became so jealous of them seeing that they have become the talk of the school.

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I could not longer take it, I took a pass to leave the school and I went to see an herbalist in my home town telling him how angry I was and how I desperately want that relationship to end, he took their names down and gave me his words saying I will see for my self in a couple of months. I took a break and went away from the whole drama for like two weeks, just for me to see a strange number calling me, I picked up my phone and to my greatest surprise, I heard the same guy’s voice. I asked him why he was calling me, he said, Vannessa I want to beg to and I don’t know if we can still be friends adding that he missed me and he wants his friend back, I replied to him saying “you are in a relationship aren’t you and moreover, I can not come back to him again”.

He eventually told me that he was no longer with his girlfriend and I instantly remember what my request from the herbalist was, I felt relieved instantly knowing my wish had already been granted and the relationship was no more.

Kemi, 23

I was in secondary school when the class captain went to snitch on the whole class to the principal, I took it upon myself to dish out the punishment lowkey, I took all her important notes like Biology, Government, and Account and tossed them into the incinerator to burn for good so that she does not have what to read for the forthcoming exam since she always come top of the class. Yes I know I was jealous of her and I hate to admit it that is why I took it upon myself to punish her so badly.

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Getting the first job I had to move to Lagos and I also had to move in with one of my very close childhood friends who I have known for a long time. For a couple of months, I noticed a big difference in her attitude I thought there was something definitely wrong with me just for me to notice I was not the one with the problem. She started nagging because of the little things I do, just for me to add things put and I noticed and concluded it can only be jealousy because she was out of jobs at that particular time I got mine and she was not even interested in listening to anything pertaining to my workplace, as time went on my became so conscious with whatever I do or say pertaining my success or my life plan with her till I packed out of her apartment


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