Lorenzo Gagli and Edoardo Molinari were withdrawn on Wednesday on Medical grounds despite concerns over coronavirus.

Gagli displayed flu-like symptoms and was tested for coronavirus and was also placed in self isolation. Molinari has been sharing a hotel room with Gagli, as a precaution, he was also placed in self-isolation. but showed no sign of of illness.

Gagli’s tests were negative and the pair have been reinstated to the tournament.

European Tour statement said: ”

“Gagli exhibited flu-like symptoms and was assessed by the tournament’s on-site medical team.

“In consultation with the Omani Ministry of Health, and in-line with current World Health Organisation guidelines, he was subsequently tested for Coronavirus (Covid-19) and immediately entered self-isolation as a precaution.

“Gagli had been sharing a hotel room with Edoardo Molinari, who showed no signs of illness but, as a further precaution, he also entered self-isolation in a separate room.

“On Thursday morning, the Omani Ministry of Health reported that Gagli’s test results were negative.

“Due to these exceptional circumstances, both Lorenzo and Edoardo will now be reinstated into the Oman Open as an addition to the field, meaning the field size will now be 146.”

The chief executive of the European Tour Keith Pelley said,

“This is a difficult global situation, one during which we will continue to follow all guidance given to us on preventive measures, and all decisions will continue to be made in the interests of overall public health”

“We will also continue to work closely with our own health experts and local authorities to ensure we have the latest medical and travel advice for all our tournaments, because the well-being of our players, staff and spectators remains the European Tour’s absolute priority.”

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