Manchester United’s deserved victory against Burnley pushed them to three points clear of the second placed Liverpool and also the top of the Premier League with just the 17-game mark for the first time since 2012/13 season which they emerged as champions under Sir Alex Ferguson.

It shows an astonishing turnaround for United since they lost at home to Arsenal in early November and Sky Sports pundit Neville is relishing the situation

“I don’t think anyone is saying Manchester United will win the league but the fact that they are in a title fight…wow. I never would have imagined it,” said Neville.

“It’s a strange season. Why shouldn’t Manchester United fans believe? Why shouldn’t this side believe? Look at the front three, look at that midfield four, look at Bruno Fernandes – they have some fantastic players.

“The other teams aren’t in great form. Man City are sitting there cool and calm, nobody is really talking about them, but they are hitting very good form and that is a real danger. But in the next few days it is time to have a little bit of fun. It won’t be a comfortable few days for Liverpool.”

“l believe these players feel they can have a really special season. It’s odd, it’s changing every single week, you don’t know what is going to happen and there’s an element of unpredictability and Manchester United could exploit that.”

Speaking about the Burnley win, Gary Neville said: “It’s a big win, to go top of the league before Sunday feels like a big moment in the sense that six to eight weeks ago you wouldn’t have thought Manchester United would have been anywhere near this position.

“Yet, now, they find themselves with something building, the spirit is growing as you could see with the way they celebrated with each other, there’s a resilience built off some performances which haven’t been great all the time away from home but they have won when they haven’t been at their best. You get confidence from that and now United are starting to play better. The players they have who are really top quality are starting to show those moments in a more consistent fashion. “It’s a little bit more exciting and l am going to enjoy these next three or four days!

“Liverpool were the best team in the league last season by a stretch. Eight weeks ago, they were probably everybody’s absolute certainties to win the league. I don’t think people are veering away from that too much and this isn’t a moment to get carried away. We know full well how quickly this season has turned around: it was Chelsea four weeks ago and Man Utd looked dead, but it is all turning around again.

“But it shouldn’t stop Manchester United fans get carried away in the next few days. Why shouldn’t they? It’s been a really difficult few years and there have been times when Manchester United have looked a million miles away from the top of the league. So to be top of the league, three points clear of a really good Liverpool side, in January, isn’t expected.”

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