Despite their dominance in English football, Manchester City have failed to turn up in Europe and this is becoming a big issue for the club’s star midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne.

The club have disappointed in the competition and always became second-best to some of the greatest teams in the competition’s history when there was a face-off.

They came close to experiencing for the first time in their club’s history what it feels like to be in a Champions League final in 2016 but were stopped from dreaming by Real Madrid who knocked them out of the Semi-final. The Spanish club then went on to lift the trophy.

With the recent ban placed on them by UEFA which would stop them from competing in Europe for the next two seasons (a ban that stands until their appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sports is won), it is feeling quite necessary that the Champions League is a must-win for the Etihad side this season and they would be facing Real Madrid in the knockout stage encounter on Wednesday.

Kevin De Bruyne has now shared his personal opinion on what he feels the after-feeling would seem like if the club fail to win the Champions League this season.

Starting with what he thinks of Wednesday opponent, Real Madrid, he said; “Obviously it’s Madrid. They have won the most Champions Leagues out of everybody

“But I think we will go there to try to play our game like we always do and try to play offensive football, try to put them under pressure, try to have a good game and if we can win.”

“If we don’t win it [the Champions League] everybody is going to say we are failures like the last five years!” 

“It’s something we’ve not won yet. We always want to win everything but sometimes another team is better or performing well – like Liverpool are doing this season.

“It’s just that way and you just have to admit it. But we will just go there to win that game. You can’t look too much forwards and see what’s going to happen.”

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