Generally, for women, it is not so easy to snack back immediately to their workout routines after they have had a baby. For most of them, it comes quicker, while for others, it takes patinece.

Fitness Expert, Amy Lane shares with us what she thought her workout routine would look like after having her baby, versus what it actually looks like now.

“What I thought my return to exercise would look like vs what it actually does
I’m an all or nothing kind of person but I’m quickly learning that that attitude doesn’t quite work with a baby. I thought that when I signed up to #couchto5k I’d be able to do that *plus* two strength sessions and some daily #pelvicfloorexercises too. It was a bold decision to go from loose structure to suddenly finding the time for 5 workouts and more.
Cue: disappointment for missed workouts and a feeling of 😑.

I think it’s easy to look at other mums on here and think that because they got one workout in they’re managing it all when you’re only managing a warmup, 5 squats and maybe some toe taps before being yelled at by a mini human. Honestly, i’m sure their reality is v different. IG is a highlights reel. I’ve cut short so many workouts and bundled Huxley in the pram with all the toys I can grab for another walk instead of a dumbbell session because needs must.

But this year for me is about focussing on what I can do, not what I can’t. To help with that, I got a piece of paper and mapped out my week, circling the times when I *could* fit in a workout (eg. 20 mins in a 30 min nap not a 45 min workout in a nap that’s mostly only 30 mins) and plotting in times when Ted was free to have Hux. Suddenly, I had a plan for the plan. It’s a simple task but really can help fit an exercise plan to a lifestyle rather than vice versa.

My journey back to running is going to be a long one with many bumps and twists and turns. My life, body and time is not the same as pre-Hux so my running won’t be either and that’s totally ok 👌🏼”


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