Music legend, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2Baba has taken to his Twitter page, where he released a couple of Tweets that question why black people and African’s, in general, are the first targets when it comes to racism.

He says he does not think it is hate, rather, the fear of self-realization. According to him, it is time to wake up because it looks like every race’s common goal is solely to exploit Africa and Africans.

“Every day I sit and wonder Why every other race is racist to black people first before any other. What is the reason behind this? I don’t think it is hate. I think it is fear of us realizing ourselves.”

All of them na Europe therefore European Union. Dem get the same agenda when it comes to Africa. Them gat each other back. Na only African Union dey sell out. All of dem na to exploit Africa. Don’t get it twisted. #UNWASHTHEBRAINWASH”

Every race common goal na to exploit Africa. Non get genuine love or interest in our well being as a continent. It is a simple case of predator or prey. Don’t get it twisted #UNWASHTHEBRAINWASH

“When I say Africa is the major feeder of the world I beg anybody to prove me wrong. I go accept if I see am”

“This is not an endorsement of nigerian separation or quarrel. This is for us as nigerians and Africans to understand the actual and intentional joining of us to create this misunderstanding among ourselves. From both religion and foreign language angle. Colonial arrangement.”

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