Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has taken to his social media page, where he spoke about a man’s true character.

In his opinion, one cannot truly measure the humility of a man, until he is rich. Most poor men are humbled because there is not enough money to show their true character yet.

“Money brings out the you in you. You can never judge a man’s humility when he is broke. Most poor men are humbled. There is a difference between a humble man and a humbled man. Finding humility in poor men is like finding a black cat at night!

When many poor men suddenly become rich, even the way they walk changes. The same man who used to pick your call even before it finishes ringing will start busying your call. If his wife is not careful, he will upgrade her with a more befitting woman. So, don’t tell me you ate humble. You are just broke!”


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