Businesswoman, Tania Omotayo has taken to her social media page, where she revealed why she didn’t share her pregnancy with the world.

In a recent post, she shared a lengthy story about why she didn’t post photos because she was scared and had no idea what her endometriosis would come back as.

Amazingly, she had the best pregnancy journey ever, and her baby, Sarai, who turns 2 tomorrow came out in 5 minutes.

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I never got a chance to share some of my pregnancy and birth videos not because I was hiding but because I was scared.

I didn’t know what to expect with my endometriosis and I had so much anxiety as I was scared about all the things that could go wrong. Plus I also knew I wouldn’t be able to handle such a loss publicly. So I decided not to share anything until she was born.

Luckily for me I had the most amazing pregnancy and the easiest delivery when it was time to push Sarai came out in 5 minutes. She is turning two tomorrow and my heart is so full.

I’ve been having flashbacks of my pregnancy the whole day. God is so faithful ❤️ @symplysimi ‘s Duduke is honestly the only song that can possibly describe the moments shared in this video. To everyone that has lost a baby or is still trying I pray God will surprise you and bless you with all your heart desires.”


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