Nigerian controversial author and ex-presidential aide, Reno Omokri has taken to his social media page, via Instagram to encourage people to help the poor.

However, he added that the real poor people are not the ones who still have money to afford themselves data, only to come on social media platforms to beg.

He calls this set of people scammers. He says the real poor people are offline, and if they had the money for data, they would rather start a small business with it.

Poor people don’t buy data to beg online, with smartphones during PEAK hours. When you give to such ‘widows’, ‘single mums’ and ‘orphans’, you are helping the scam, not the poor. If you want to help the poor, go offline. The real poor are not online. If they have that type of money, they could have bought chicks to start a poultry.
Or goats to sell their kids. God has no limits. But you have limits. So, recognize your limits or your limit will inhibit you. You are not God. Help people. Support people. But do not go broke trying to help people. That is not Godliness. It is foolishness. Respect your limit! Help the poor, not those who make poor decisions”


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