Plastic surgery is growing in popularity each year, becoming a menace even as women likewise men seek ways to achieve a particular look in which they feel more comfortable and confident.

Nigeria hasn’t left out in this growing phenomenon as 8 in every 10 women have one or more body parts enhanced through various methods. It is then safe to say that 5 in every cluster of these 8 women have gone under the knife for one body enhancement or improvement operation.

Certainly, it is welcomed to seek improvement as humans but maybe not all issues need to be worked on especially if it is aimed at competing with others, because what have you, a dog race with someone who is most surely created to be different from you?

In simple terms, plastic surgery is the process of reconstructing or repairing parts of the body by the transfer of tissue, either in the treatment of injury or for cosmetic reasons.

It covers a wide range of surgical procedures from Liposuction to breast augmentation, Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) Blepharoplasty (eyelid reshaping), Breast reduction, Rhinoplasty (nose job), Rhytidectomy (facelift), and a  host of others.

Plastic surgery removes skin that had been stretched prior to bariatric surgery or weight loss, which is often damaged and has lost natural flexibility. Areas that are focused on include the breasts, upper arms, abdomen, flanks, back, buttocks, and thighs.

While it feels so good to look like what you really want, plastic surgery comes with its baggage, which one must weigh before diving into the deep.

Reopening of wounds would require surgical drainage, and excess bleeding a second surgery. Blood transfusions are required about 15% of the time, and rarely, patients develop fatal blood clots. This is less the trauma, cutting, pains, and money put in the process.

Though media and advertising have played a huge role in making the entire process an acceptable course to change our identities to our liking, researchers believe that plastic surgery obsession is linked to psychological disorders like body dysmorphic disorder.

As a protest to the detrimental trend, Instagram banned all augmented reality (AR) filters that depict or promote cosmetic surgery.

So, maybe it is not your appearance that needs change but your mental perspective to things.

Reason People Undergo Plastic Surgeries

Age (Lines, Wrinkles, and Sagging)

The natural aging process comes with a number of biological changes that we as humans find difficult to embrace. As much as we opt for denial, aging is an eventuality. Before the actual aging process kicks in, there are a number of circumstances that could leave you looking way older than your age, and we must admit that this can be a tad bit frustrating.

These circumstances include the exposure of the skin to excessive sunlight, heat, genes, to mention a few. These things cause the skin to lose its elasticity, which in turn results in flabby and loose skin and that is where Plastic surgery comes in. It is a great way to tighten the skin and make the ugly lines and wrinkles disappear.


We sometimes sustain injuries or get involved in accidents that leave most or some parts of the body disfigured. Plastic surgeries serve as a reconstructive aid in cases like this and although they cost a fortune, you’ll be shocked how many people are willing to break the bank just to get this surgical make-over.

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Excess Fat Deposition

We all will admit that excess pockets of fat here and there in the body are enough to make you feel not so great. Although some people are able to control theirs by engaging in exercises from time to now, others may find it somewhat difficult to work on, especially if they have become overweight or obese.

Apart from altering your physical appearance, excess fat deposit poses certain risks to the health of human beings, especially when stored in places like the liver, bloodstreams, which end up clotting the arteries. In such a situation, liposuction is sort of the ‘lender of last resort when natural methods prove ineffective.

Improving Your Confidence

When you start to feel like you do not look attractive enough or get noticed enough by the opposite sex as you think you should, then it becomes a problem. Ultimately, this takes a toll on your self-esteem, which makes you lose confidence. More often than not, people opt for the option of plastic surgeries to help them improve their overall appearance.

Post Pregnancy Body

One of the things women have to deal with is accepting what appears to be the new norm after pregnancy. As we all know, Pregnancy comes with changes in the body.

Loose skin, saggy breasts, weight loss and gain, facial lines, excessive melanin production are only a few of the physiological changes the female body experiences after pregnancy. A ‘Mommy makeover’ procedure could help restore the appearance of restore confidence in a new mom.


You never get the chance to make a second first impression. This is why everyone wants to make a great first impression. It means a lot in social situations, but it can be especially crucial with job interviews and any sort of career in which you have to serve as a public face.

For example, a supermodel, who suddenly begins to add weight due to a number of things will easily undergo plastic surgery to give him/her a major edge.

Possible Risks & Real-Life Scenarios

Cosmetic surgery is considered as a 50/50 chance, as you might be lucky to scale through and have the perfect body you desire, you might also not be so lucky due to some defect afterward, which can result in complications ranging from an unattractive or unnatural final result to scarring or even death to crown it all.

Meanwhile, plastic surgery can be more challenging than most standard surgeries if the patient doesn’t tolerate surgery well. For most patients, this isn’t a serious concern. For the patient who becomes critically ill during surgery, being in a facility with an ICU and extensive resources for the very sick patient can make a tremendous difference in the outcome.

When it comes to plastic surgery there are different procedures to reshape the body, In this kind of surgery, there are different risks that come with it, as research has it that People have had surgeries that have resulted in scars, disfigurement, or worse. While the worst outcomes are rare, such risks are nonetheless a reality. Some of the common plastic surgery are ;


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This is the removal of excess and unwanted fat from the body. The surgeon can take fat from the face, neck, back, arms, belly, buttocks, or legs to slim and reshape problems in some particular places in the body. Some of the risks of this type of plastic surgery are:

Changes in feeling on the skin
Changes in skin color
Worsening of cellulite

A typical example is Dr. Anu, the owner of Med who performed liposuction for an ex-beauty queen and went wrong resulting in her death, there are also other failed cases of this same procedure Dr. Anu performed. The case was a serious one which led to the government closing her clinic and seizing her license, which means she can not perform surgery on anyone again.

Breast Augmentation

This is the type of plastic surgery that you get to use your own fat or breast implants to increase the size of your breasts. It is also known as breast enhancement.

This procedure is also not guaranteed to last a lifetime. As time goes on, the increase in weight and age may change the look of your breasts. Women often need more surgeries over time. Other risks include:

Changes in nipple or breast sensation
Leaking implant
Wrinkled skin
Painful breasts

Tummy Tuck

This kind of procedure is the removal of unwanted skin in the belly or around the belly. A tummy can also tighten the belly muscles. It is however advised that women who could become pregnant should not have a tummy tuck. Some of the known risks include:

Fluid accumulation
Skin discoloration and swelling
Formation of a blood clot that could travel to your heart or lung

Alternatives To Plastic Surgery 


It was approved for use in plastic surgery 15 years ago.  The furrows of the brow, top of the nose, and crow’s feet areas are prime targets for Botox use in plastic surgery practices, as, within just a few days, these wrinkles will disappear.

It generally takes a greater amount of Botox in men than in women and generally will last longer in women than in men, usually an average of 3 to 6 months.  Some people feel that the longer period of time one receives Botox, the longer it lasts, indicating less time between visits to your plastic surgeon.

Botox acts as a relaxing effect on the muscle, m allowing the areas of the brow and crow’s feet to smooth out, as the Botox takes effect.

Fat Grafting

Taking one’s own fat and injecting it into areas of depression or defects anywhere on the body, into areas of the face where fat has atrophied, as with Restylane into the depressions on either side of the nose, as well as into the lips, has been around for many years.

One does not know how quickly one’s own fat may be reabsorbed back into the body, as this is very individual, and I have had several patients who underwent fat grafting to the lips and nasolabial fold areas approximately 5 years ago, and they have retained this almost 100% during this time.

Others, however, have experienced a faster reabsorption rate.  Fat grafting is a very viable procedure, in that it will fill out areas that have lost volume due to aging, and the procedure itself lasts much longer than other filler procedures.

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There are several types of lasers available for the removal of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentary changes, and even hair.  Down-time for laser resurfacing can be as little as one week, and as long as 2 weeks, and one must be very cautious about sun exposure after laser resurfacing.

Depending on the type of laser used, and the depth and location of the fine lines and wrinkles will dictate the type of laser used.  With the advent of lasers, TCA, phenol peels, and dermabrasion are not utilized as much as they were in the past.


As we mature, the natural fat we have in our face is often atrophied or reabsorbed by the body, and Restylane or Juvederm is a gel that is used to fill out the deep depressions which run from the base of the nose to the lips, as well as plumping up the lips themselves.

The area to be filled is generally first numbed with a local anesthetic, and the Restylane is then injected into the area to be filled out. Restylane lasts for approximately 3 to 8 months.


Plastic surgery is a series of procedures that reshapes or restores the form of the body. Although the term is usually associated with beautification procedures, it actually includes a broad range of practical operations which includes reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, burns treatment, and more.

Whatever the motivation, the decision to undergo surgery should never be made lightly — one must always review the potential risks and rewards.

Before now, all the types of plastic surgery were considered a no-go area, and asides from that, the operation in itself would cost an arm and a leg, just to get your body in your desired shape. But in recent times, it has become a norm and almost easily accessible by many. Most people would save as much, just to afford to get plastic surgery.

However, as earlier stated, the potential rewards of plastic surgery are highly individual. Many plastic surgery patients say their only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner.

Yet, there are also many who wish they had never done it at all, or who at least wish they had done more research or chosen a different surgeon. Of course, risk can be mitigated by doing your homework and becoming a very informed patient.

It is also advised that people are sure that they go into surgery in the best health possible by taking care of themselves and don’t let their desires for the surgery overshadow any serious health considerations. While the risks of plastic surgery do vary from one procedure to another, certain risks are common to all surgery, and some of the risks are grave.

But only the individual can decide if it’s worth it for them. It’s good to have self-education. Take into account all the pros and cons. Talk it over with your loved ones.

If eventually. the individual decides to go for it, it’s best to choose the best surgeon you can find. Follow their preoperative and post-operative instructions to the letter. Then enjoy your new look!

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