Imagine, for a moment, that you are one of the top 3 Afrobeats stars in your country, with countless hit singles that have refused to leave the charts for weeks, or one of the ace movie stars, who have one of the highest-grossing movies of all time and your fans and non-fans would not stop bickering about issues concerning you.

On top of all that, hardly can you go a day without trending on tabloids and social media. It would help if you stepped out casually, but you also need to take a deep breath and have a rethink because doing that means you are ready for paparazzi and everyone else who cannot wait to catch a glimpse of you the flesh.

Now that is fame, and it is defined as being known or talked about by many people, mainly on account of notable achievements. Fame is what many people pursue to bring them happiness, prosperity, personal growth, and all that one could want in a lifetime.

Of course, being flown for shows, walking red carpets, magazine shoots/interviews, autographs, people screaming your name, 5-star hotels with your butler, fancy car, fantastic house, awards would make anyone feel on top of the world.

To tell the truth, being a famous personality could be the best thing that could ever happen to you, at the same time, it could be the end of you if you fail to thread carefully. What most famous people fail to realize is that fame actually means that people are always watching.

They always want to be in on the next step your taking, which obviously includes the mistakes you make, which is only normal because you are human after all.

However, your audience does not perceive it that way in the slightest. They expect you to be some form of superhuman who has his life all mapped out.

Ultimately, the extent to which fame influences an individual cannot be measured. However, listed below are a number of ways flame could impact the life of anyone.


Getting to the top is hard work but staying at the top is hard work pro-max. There’s pressure/temptation to please everyone, pressure to always remain in trend. We all remember how Skiibi faked his death just to make headlines and return to the faces of people because he felt his fame was fading away.

Recall how we all thought comedian Adeherself was living a glamorous life based on her legit hustle, not knowing that she was receiving kickbacks from helping fraudsters “Yahoo boys”. While all these are largely the results of bad decisions on the part of the celebrities, we must understand that they want to keep up and continue their rosy lives.

In short, in this category, once you become a popular figure, it is believed that you have made it financially—a case which is not necessarily the truth.

The celebrity just naturally inherits the problems of every other person and is expected to keep doing good. Pressure sets in. Pressure to keep looking and appearing just how others want you to be. God help us.


With too much pressure comes depression. There’s really that thin line between sanity and insanity. And this is why it can be difficult to figure out that a person is depressed just from the outward look of the individual. Much worse in this crazy reality is that even the affected person might not be able to tell that he/she is slipping into depression until it probably gets to an escalated stage.

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It becomes very clear that though everyone may seem happy from the outside, it might not be the case on the inside and as such, psychologists, as well as therapists, have told us that the little remarks or things we say to people go a long way in playing a trick on their psyche and mental health. But how can a person widely known and revered not be exposed to such harm?

The lifestyles of the rich and famous intrigue and attract us, but the truth is, fame doesn’t protect anyone from stumbling upon its dark side. In fact, most times, fame exacerbates it.

Rich people and celebrities experience an intense amount of stress, which some people can handle better than others, and some get disillusioned. The public life of celebrities leaves little room for authenticity.

It is almost impossible for a celebrity/popular figure to live a normal life. We have heard such personalities speak up at some point, may much older, that fame made a major change to how they lived their lives. Except for the very stubborn and stronghearted, you cannot be famous and not care about what people would say because, truthfully, fame puts you out there as a role model.

It could be about not having the right pedigree (read family/connections/ money) to succeed. Or they might have to endure a casting-couch type of situation to get that ONE break.

Sadly also, with fame, there are really not too many trusted friends. Most people are just in your life to make a name for themselves off your good fortunes or just showing face to enjoy the goodies. And because the person most probably knows this, they hardly confide in the people around them.

So, they get stressed, unhappy, unable to talk about it, and are likely to get agitated, anxious, eventually ending up depressed.

False Impressions

Most celebrities are so guilty of this, the kind of life they live is not the one reputable to their standard a lot of them out there are broke and as well facing hardship, but the fact that they are famous people think they are without problems at all. Some of them are going through financial problems and some childbirth problems; there are also some with failed marriages, but they have their way around it.

They know how to act right in front of the camera. For instance, Ella, who was one of the big brother Naija housemates, told her fellow housemates that her mother was critically sick then and they had to contribute money for her in other to support her with the medical bills.

Also, the popular aphrodisiac seller, Jaruma who donated money for her mother, and after that, the aphrodisiac seller also gave her money for her house rent as well so that she and her mother could have a roof over their head after she gets better.

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At the end of the day, it was later discovered that she lied about the whole situation, using her mother as bait to get money from people in order to live largely. As they say, fame is expensive, and for you to be famous, you must definitely have a prize to pay.


Being famous bring about countless opportunities. Most celebrities do not even need to think of how to make money anymore when influencing is now the order of the day. Brands now watch out for most celebrities to help them in promoting their brands.

For instance, we have the big brother housemates; most brands watch out for them once they are out of the show and immediately start rushing them like hot cake due to their fan base and the amount of audience they can generate for their goods and services as well.

One of the biggest faces for brands at the moment is Nengi; this sudden fame has really brought her so many opportunities, which includes signing deals with numerous brands, both international and local. Being famous is indeed good, and this has paved the way for so many people that never even imagined being famous for a day.

Another example is also Lekan, who never saw himself emerging as the winner of the big brother show, now Lekan is also one of the big faces out there, and this fame has really helped his music career go a long way, aside from also signing deals. Lekan has gotten that platform where whatever he advertises gets sold out immediately, which makes it so surprising what fame can suddenly do in someone’s life.

How Fame Causes Alteration Of Character And Raises Competition

Fame or being famous may or may not change the core of a person’s character, but when one’s life circumstances change abruptly, it is almost impossible to stay exactly the same.

This goes for any of us! For a moment, try to imagine if you suddenly had complete strangers trying to get close to you without knowing their intentions? Or better still, could you imagine having a pleasant conversation with a stranger in a relatively confined space and then finding yourself in the tabloids the next day with an unflattering headline based on that conversation? Anyone who becomes famous has to think about this all the time.

One of the major things to consider is that fame is more or less a twenty-four-hour job. There is no “off-time” from this job. That is why every celebrity is always watched and almost scrutinized at the slightest chance given. There will always be someone who wants something from a famous person. The job of being famous looks very different behind the scenes than it does to the public eye.

The highs and lows are extreme. The rewards are plentiful, but sadly, the bulk of the work is exhausting and unglamorous. Some celebrities will be lucky enough to have close friends, family, and business associates looking out for their best interests. Many will not. For some people, fame actually becomes traumatizing.

It is quite important to note that some people are cut out for it and are really good at it while some other people are not. We also live in a celebrity-obsessed society, where we teach people that celebrities are somehow higher than the rest of us-even though that is not the case. Our society teaches us that fame is the answer- when we are really only looking for happiness and fulfillment. It takes tremendous character to refrain from buying into it.

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It is more than likely that a person who is considered a “people’s person”, or a down to earth person, might become a totally different person when he/she gets famous, and that is because there is now exposure to meeting more people, bigger personalities, even role models too and then the character and activities would most likely change.

Meanwhile, fame can also bring about competition among pairs, colleagues, partners and so on. For someone who recently gets fame status might get so intoxicated by it and might begin to compete with other famous people who might either be in the same grade with them or even higher. In most cases like this, the newbie in the fame status might get the backlash of trying to compete with others.

Having to be famous is one thing, but being famous and also trying to compete with others is completely out of the box and not advisable to anyone at all.

Change is the only constant property of the world as we know it, and even the almighty fame definitely has to bow to that kind of pressure. The first lesson to learn is that nothing lasts forever, especially not fame. Fame is as temporary as pregnancy, and it ends after some time deemed appropriate by nature or other induced causes.


Fame opens you up to an overwhelming level of exposure, and from the day you become famous, everything about your life will be scrutinized with a microscope because you have successfully traded privacy for acceptance. People may love you or not, but it wouldn’t matter because you’re already famous, and people already start viewing you with a larger-than-life perspective.

As wrong as it is, it is the way of the world, and anyone without proper education as to how things work when you’re famous will most definitely fumble their chances at greatness and global acceptance.

It is equally important to note that not everyone asks for fame, almost similar to the same way some people are born leaders while others are chosen or have it thrust on them. If you’re a famous person, then you would have to fall under one of the two categories.

But whether you were born into it, or you had to work for it, it is important to understand that the major work is to make sure that you do not fall too much under the overwhelming influence that it affects the way you interact with your community and the people around you, because as sweet as fame is, everyone has their bad days; and on those bad days, its the relationship you’ve built over the years that will make or mar you.

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