The UK’s competition watchdog said on Friday it has launched an investigation into Google’s proposals to remove third-party cookies and other functions from its Chrome browser, following concerns the move could curb rival digital advertising.

The investigation will assess whether the proposals could cause advertising spend to become even more concentrated on the ecosystem of Alphabet’s Google at the expense of its competitors, the Competition and Markets Authority said.

Google has said the technology, referred to as the ‘Privacy Sandbox’ project, will allow people to receive relevant ads, helping to sustain the current advertising model without tracking users on an individual level.

“As the CMA found in its recent market study, Google’s Privacy Sandbox proposals will potentially have a very significant impact on publishers like newspapers, and the digital advertising market,” CMA Chief Executive Officer Andrea Coscelli said.

The CMA said it had received complaints from Marketers for an Open Web (MOW), a coalition of technology and publishing companies, which allege that Google is “abusing its dominant position” through the proposals.

Internet browsers, for example, Mozilla and Apple Inc’s Safari have just impeded outsider treats.

“Making a more private web, while likewise empowering the distributers and promoters who uphold the free and open web, requires the business to roll out significant improvements to the manner in which advanced publicizing works,” a Google representative said.


“We invite the CMA’s inclusion as we work to grow new recommendations to support a sound, advertisement upheld web without outsider treats.”

Outsider treats assume a vital part in computerized publicizing by assisting sponsors with focusing on successfully and asset free online substance for shoppers, for example, papers, the controller said.

It said they additionally present security worries by permitting purchasers’ conduct to be followed across the web in manners that numerous shoppers may feel awkward with and may discover hard to comprehend.

The CMA said it will work with Britain’s information guard dog on the examination.

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