We know that a lot of elements go into the formation of a startup ecosystem. When your city is outside of the major coastal tech centers, it takes a deliberate effort to get such a system off the ground. For Indianapolis, Indiana, it started with the creation of ExactTarget in 2000. When that company was sold to Salesforce for $2.5 billion in 2013, it helped bring a bushel of cash into the startup system.
Today, the venture capital firm that connects back to that ExactTarget acquisition, High Alpha Capital, announced a new $110 million fund. The company concentrates on B2B SaaS startups. Kristian Andersen, partner and co-founder at High Alpha sees the fund in the context of the pandemic and the changes it has brought to how businesses are run.
“We are living in a [time] of almost unrivaled disruption, which has created a host of challenges for individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. In spite (or possibly because) of those challenges, we’re more confident and motivated than ever to help support the next generation of founders as they seek to transform the world through the marriage of entrepreneurship and technology,” Andersen said.

Of course, cash is a key ingredient in any startup system recipe. ExactTarget’s founders were flush with it after the acquisition and Scott Dorsey, one of the firm’s founders says they wanted to build a system from the ground up that included education, a system to encourage entrepreneurship, math skills, a pool of engineering talent and of course, a venture capital firm to drive investment.
“I think of the recipe as talent, capital, support and mentorship. So talent has to be a sharp focus, which is certainly is for us at High Alpha and across the Indianapolis market. The second piece is capital, and markets like Indy often don’t have access to capital and that’s been important that we’re raising our own funds,” he said.
He added, “Thirdly, I think it’s just support and mentorship and that’s really what High Alpha is built to do. We have 40 of us on the team with SaaS experts across design, marketing, product engineering, finance and HR —  all Centers of Excellence you need to start and scale a SaaS company,” he said.

The firm is partitioned into two sections. The first is High Alpha Studio, which is a sort of hatchery for truly beginning phase originators and the second is High Alpha Capital, which is the focal point of the present declaration.

This is third asset for the organization. The originally was High Alpha One worth $21 million. The subsequent one, High Alpha Two was valued at $85 million. Joined with the present declaration, the absolute raised across the three assets is $216 million. While the initial two supports’ speculations were generally in the Indy region, the arrangement with the most current one is to grow past the district with probably a portion of the ventures.

The firm focuses on big business B2B SaaS organizations from pre-seed through Series A ventures, so focusing on beginning phase organizations that it can help sustain and gain from their encounters incorporating ExactTarget into a fruitful organization.

Among the organizations they put resources into incorporate Attentive, SalesLoft, Zylo, Terminus, The Mom Project, Lessonly, LogicGate, MetaCX and Socio.

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