Since the royal crisis involving former prince, Hamzah and the Jordan military ensued a week ago, King Abdullah on Wednesday, for the first time, made a statement on the matter.

King Abdullah addressed the rare public rift within the royal family, saying the “sedition” that caused him the most “pain and anger” in his entire 22-year reign, has been resolved.

The saga began over the weekend, when Jordanian authorities detained around 15 people, including a high-profile political figure and at least one member of the royal family. A popular prince, Hamzah bin Al Hussein, claimed to have been placed under effective house arrest in a video sent to media.

The government had alleged that the ex-crown prince was part of a “malicious plot” to destabilise the country with foreign support.

However, King Abdullah in his broadcast address that the crisis has been settled, saying Prince Hamzah is currently under his care and protection.

“Sedition came from within and without our one house, and nothing compares to my shock, pain, and anger as a brother and as the head of the Hashemite family, and as a leader of this proud people,”

“Sedition” in the kingdom had now been “nipped in the bud.”

The monarch also noted that Jordanians are known to overcome challenges.

“Over the course of our history we have defeated all the targets that tried to undermine the homeland, and we came out of them stronger and more united,” he said.

“The challenge of these last days was not the most dangerous for the stability of the country – but it was the most painful for me.

“Hamzah today is with his family in his palace under my protection,” the king added.

“He has committed before the [Hashemite] family to follow the path of his parents and grandparents, to be faithful to their message, and to place the interest of Jordan, its constitution and its laws above all other considerations.”

He said investigations are still ongoing and the next step will be guided by “the interests of the homeland and of our loyal people”.

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