Why The Big Brother Naija Show Is The Greatest Scam In World History


The Big Brother Naija reality show has been seen by many as an opportunity to have their lives changed forever. Even, though, true, there is till a fallacy behind that theory if you are willing to readily scrutinize the impact the show has played on majority of the housemates that have graced it.

While we can talk about the likes of Efe, Mercy, Tobi, Ceec, Laycon, Bisola, Miracle, Tacha, Diane, Mike, Ike and Bam Bam as those ex-housemates that have experienced life changing deals as a result of the fame that the show has given to them, how about those that have unintentionally gone back to the life they used to live before taking a leap to grace the show after the show?

There are many that could be counted – Ella, Coco-ice, Soma, Thing Tall Tony, Debby Rise, Marvis, Bally, K-Brule, Rico, Princess, Bitto, Cindy, Jackie, Thelma, Gedoni, Joe, Enkay, Nelson, Tuoyo, Isilomo, Avala, Vandora, Lolu, Gifty, Uriel, Adeyinka, Joan, Maureen, Ify and several others are some of those that made it into the Big Brother Naija house but yet, never got big like the lucky few have.

Therefore, if there is a claim about the Big Brother Naija reality show being a shortcut to succes, it makes me puke because only abou 25 percent of those that made it to the show can count themselves lucky to have experienced a changed life for good.

I am not saying outrightly because of the illustration above – Big Brother Naija is a scam, no! I only gave that illustration to wash away from your minds and heads that the show is a guaranteed success-creator, it never is!

Now let me explain to you why i see this show as one of the biggest scams schemes alive.

The latest season, which is the Lockdown Season, we were told had a record-breaking 900 million votes. And according to what we all witnessed, a vote costs 30 naira per SMS.

Now, let’s do the calculation – which simply will be 30 naira multplied by 900 million. The result is an astonishing 27, 000,000,000 (27 billion).

The organizers of the show made 27 billion naira from the reality show which is considered as the biggest franchise in the world and gave 85 million naira in cash and items to the winner of the show.

Are you still doubting the show is a scam???

Some might argue it out that this is business. Agreed! But what happens  to dedicating a meagre 5 per cent of the total money realised from the show to the participants of the show.

You could also argue it out that if the show is not aired then there is no way the participants will get to be rewarded. But do not also forget that without the partcipants, there is absolutely going to be no show.

You make 27 billion from a show and you give out just 85 million to the winner? This is the Biggest scam in the history of the world!!!

Written by Nifemi Taiwo

A Content Lead @ tooXclusive Digital - Nifemi Taiwo is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He is a skilled writer and a great enthusiast of knowledge/information. He also has a robust will for growth and development for himself & others. He picks interest in music, politics and sports.


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