While we all know the nation-wide viewed reality show is a medium catapulting the contestants into fame, some go the extra miles to clout their way up, telling stories that are obviously contestable.

Maybe, it is a part of their strategies or maybe, it’s just their stupidity, some housemates really make out these ridiculous lies that are loud to the audible and very glaring to the blind.

Among such Housemates, both present and past that have given up lies still garnering debates, include;

1. Hampson Nengi: Nengi is a current Housemate in the ongoing season 5 edition of the reality show. She has been caught lie-flat about her age. The diva, on her first day on the show, said she is 22 years old. But social media investigators have fished out that it is an obvious lie.

2.  Anyansi Wathoni: This diva who recently got evicted from the show two weeks ago, had claimed that she got pregnant with her four-year-old son without having sex. This is still debatable as some medical experts affirm it is possible.

3. Ideh Tuoyo: This ex-housemate in the 2019 edition claimed he was a part-time stripper when in the actual fact, he wasn’t. He cleared the air regarding the lie very recently.

4. Kate Jones aka Ka3na: Ka3na had a very titillating moment with a fellow housemate, Praise. Both were caught under the duvet doing ‘some.’ However, upon her eviction from the house in the second week, Ka3na claimed it was just ‘aggressive cuddling’ between them. Seeing the video and juxtaposing with what Ka3na claimed, it is still very hard to believe.

5. Thin Tall Tony: This season 3 housemate lied to his love interest in the House, Bisola about his marital status.
He lied he had no relationship whereas he was already married with kids outside the house.

6. Gifty Powers: This ex-housemate’s personality is what we could literally call “lies” judging from her antecedents since the show and even after. Gifty was known for her fake accent during the Season 3 edition. She has lied about her relationships, her achievements on and off the show.

7. Nnabuchi Ella: This Season 4 ex-Housemate gave a story about her mother being critically ill and needed money for an operation. This led to several donations to help her allegedly sick mother. However, it was later gathered that she squandered the money. So, the question is; If truly her mother was ill as claimed, why was the money squandered? The extent which can go for fame and money is really surprising.

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