This Big Brother season 6 housemates have definetely been giving viewers what they want, the dramas, action and premium fun is undeniable, but the season would not go by without talking about the flirts in the house. Here is the list of flirts in the shine ya eye season.


1 Boma: This is one person that had literally flirted with most of the girls in the house and later acts like they are the one after him.

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2, Pere: This is also one of the housemate that feel so confident flirting with some female housemates. his countenance says he can get any girl he wants but his behaviour tells otherwise.

3. Emmanuel: The season six housemate is using his flirting skills as a strategy in the house as some of the housemates has complained that he is boring and he had to set up his game.

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4, Cross: He is known as a certified flirt in the house and he let you know how he feels about  you and what he wants from you also.

5, Angel: She is one of the female housemates who has flirted with all the male housemates, she seem to be a bone in other housemates neck but as Big Brother said Angel will always be Angel

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