The housemates that are listed below are divided into two categories; those who didn’t stay long in the house or those who weren’t able to build a proper following before getting evicted.

We believe that they have a higher chance of going back to their old lives than the others.

1. Niyi BBN

Niyi was a married man and TikToker before the show. He’s definitely going back to that.

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2. Arin BBN

Arin was a curator before the show. And she’ll be going back to that like she said.

3. Kayvee BBN

Kayvee really couldn’t bond with the housemates nor was he able to build a proper cult like fan base before leaving the house.

4. Yerins BBN

Yerins was a polymath before the show and he’ll still be one after the show. Let’s see how being a celebrity polymath turns out.

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5. Beatrice BBN

I can barely remember that someone named Beatrice was ever a part of the show. It just leaves you wondering.


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