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6 Solid Reasons Why Kiddwaya & Erica Cannot Have A Successful Relationship

Erica and Kiddwaya, two lovebirds in Big Brother Naija Lockdown Season 5, got everyone talking as they found love but couldn’t keep it. Fans feel the love affair was made in heaven but they were the direct opposite of each other.

Benue State native Terseer Kiddwaya, 27, is a self-employed businessman who describes himself as confident, good looking, ambitious, a daredevil who is highly motivated.

26-year-old Ngozi “Erica” Nlewedim on the other hand is an actor and commercial model from London, England. She returned to Lagos after studying screen acting at the Met Film School in London.

These two characters hit it off as soon as they stepped into the house but became very close after Erica chose him over Laycon as her deputy head of house in the fourth week of the show.

However, days after Erica was disqualified and Kiddwaya was evicted, many have been asking questions as to what would become of the ship outside the house. Would the ship sail or crash?

Here are 6 solid reasons why Erica and Kiddwaya can’t continue their relationship outside Big brother’s house.

  1. Their lives and needs are different: Erica met her father three years ago. Therefore, it’s safe to say she lacked fatherly love and this prompted her need for trust and security. However, Kiddwaya is a spoiled brat who once said it was risky loving a guy like him. When questioned, he responded, “I’m all over the place.”

  1. Erica confirmed that Kiddwaya doesn’t satisfy her intellectually. During a conversation with Wathoni, Erica disclosed that she only has a physical connection with the billionaire’s son. In her words, “I and Kidd, we just flirt with each other, make jokes and have no deep connection. If I was blind, I would not be attracted to Kiddwaya. I love mental connection, right now it’s just physical, and it will end in tears for me so I’ll rather just be making jokes with him.”

  1. He once had feelings for DJ Cuppy: During the show, Erica asked him if there was anyone in his entire life that he has seen his emotional side. Kiddwaya responded by saying there are three of them. He then went on to mention his ex, his manager, and lastly, the one who sent everyone into shock, DJ Cuppy.

  1. Erica realized Kiddawaya doesn’t support her in public. In a general conversation, Wathoni asked Kiddwaya if he chases girls and he responded in the negative. In anger Erica said, “I feel very stupid for having anything to do with you in the first place. You’re being a hypocrite.”

  1. Brighto confirmed that their relationship is not genuine. He said Erica is only attracted to Kiddwaya’s physical looks. He said “I don’t think it is going anywhere outside the house for Kiddwaya, I think Erica likes him more. Erica just prefers Kiddwaya’s looks to Laycon.”

  1. Media personality, Ayo Shonaiya argued that Erica might end up with Kiddwaya’s billionaire father, Terry Waya. He justified the now deleted tweet by saying, “That nothing is new under the sun”. 

Written by Yemisi Efunnuga


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