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6 Big Brother Naija Season 5 Housemates That Are Likely To Fail After The Show


Eric Akigbe is a Nigerian bodybuilder and fitness coach who decided to showcase his career on the Big Brother Naija show. But as it is, we do not think that Eric has the zeal to bring his brand to a recognizable height. The show ended just a couple of days ago and already, the media seem to have forgotten he was ever on the show.

Tochi was one of the second set of people to be evicted from the Brother Naija show. On gaining entrance into the Big Brother house, Tochi introduced himself as a rapper but during his stay in the house, we never got to see the side of him that portrayed him as a rap artist. If he had the opportunity of a platform like Big brother Naija and refused to make use of it, we wonder when he will.
Lucy Edeth, the energetic and hard-working contestant from Lagos is one housemate that brought all manner of fun and drama to the BBN house. However, Lucy may not get as many endorsements as we hope due to her somewhat toxic nature and difficult personality. Recall, she caused unnecessary drama while in the BBN house which portrayed her as a difficult person to work with.
Kaisha is one of the few housemates that owned businesses – A skincare brand before their entrance into the Big Brother House. She is also one of the few without talents. With this in mind, we think she should have marketed her brand using the platform. We also do not see her securing as many deals as we hope outside the house.
Wathoni Ayansi, the Keyan born Nigerian mother of one is another contestant that we do not believe will be in the spotlight for long. As a matter of fact, we think that Wathoni spent too much time being in her shell. The outside world did not get to see her true personality. 
Praise claims to be a dance instructor. Apart from that, we do not see the big brands recognizing Praise any time soon. Apart from that, Praise has not bagged any endorsement deal since he left the house. If he doesnt get reccognized now, then there is little or no possiblity of his secring anytime soon.

Written by Eniola Lasaki

An Associate Writer - "Eniola Lasaki is a graduate of Horticulture, from the federal university of Agriculture Abeokuta. She is an open-minded individual, who never stops to seek knowledge. She has great writing skills and has interests in Entertainment and music."


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